Hallelujah. Super articulated Ultraman figures, that aren’t like glass are on their way. Bandai is releasing their first ever super articulated Ultraman figures. They’ve got several coming in June, including the big guy himself, the original Ultraman!

The figure will be close in scale to the regular Bandai releases, but about a half inch taller. Obviously I’m super stoked about this, because I’ve always wanted a highly poseable Ultraman. My last time trying to get a Ultraman who could pose didn’t go so well.

They also have a figure of Belial the evil Ultraman. AWESOME! He looks really heinously evil too. These figures are to commemorate the DVD release of the new Ultraman movie.

There’s also a figure of Gomora, although it’s of the more recent one from the movie than the original that appeared in the original Ultraman TV series. Of course the changes to the design were minimal at best. This is the classic creature.

This new Ultraman line at the moment is limited to just characters from the movie. Of course considering that pretty much every Ultraman appeared in the movie, along with a bevy of monsters that’s not a terrible thing. Hopefully they can continue to crank out a ton of these Ultraman figures. Each figure comes with several sets of hands, laser blasts and various other accessories.

I suspect they’ll be a big hit here in the states too, but the price tag is fairly steep at around $35-$50. Of course that’s what Revoltech are starting at these days, but the Ultraman monsters look to cost quite a pretty penny. These guys are bigger than Revoltechs, so they’re a bit more worth it I guess for size. It’s not too unheard of, but it’d be great if they were cheaper. Be sure to check back here at Infinite Hollywood in the near future because as soon as I get my hands on one of these babies, you better believe I’m going to be here to review it and give you the skinny.

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