In a little over a week the new Doctor Who series will debut here in the US on BBC America. It’s already aired in the UK and with it came a flood of new figures and products. We have to wait a bit longer for those as well, but plenty is on the way including a new 1st Doctor, a new 7th Doctor and his version of the Tardis as well as a re-release of the Fourth Doctor, but also with a new sculpt Tardis from the Baker-Pertwee era.

In all the melee, we also have a new “Crash” set with the 11th Doctor. Matt Smith in the remnants of David Tennant’s 10th Doctor as well as Smith’s new Doctor’s outfit. However as these prepare to hit the shores here in the States, there’s already some intrigue…

Over in the UK there are two versions of the set showing up. One appears to be the “regular” version with Smith’s Doctor in a reddish tint shirt and black boots. The other a variant that seems exclusive to TRU (But isn’t marked as such) is Smith in a blue tint shirt with brown boots. It should be of note that the latter outfit isn’t screen accurate to the “Crash” episode, but is worn later in this season.

No word yet on specifically what version will be coming to the States however. Personally I kind of like them both. Normally I avoid these sorts of post regeneration sets, but this one could be worth a pickup. Though I can only assume the 11th Doctor won’t be in short supply single carded either.

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