So by now you’ve probably heard that Avatar has become the highest grossing box office film of all time. In just a matter of weeks, Avatar has raked in more cash than any other film in the history of the genre. That’s a scary thought, isn’t it? What’s even scarier to me is that the overall consensus of the film seems to be “ho-hum” and that it’s lots of great effects with a average plot. Some people even say it’s basically Ferngully.

I personally haven’t seen the movie and have no real desire to. Everyone keeps telling me “You gotta go see Avatar” but then when I ask them why, they just tell me it’s got good special effects. I wrote months ago that the CGI looked cartoony to me, but I’m sure it looks better on the big screen. I just have no desire. I’ve never been one to go see movies based on their special effects.

What bothers me most is that this film is being touted as the movie that knocked off Titanic and will soon also probably hold the domestic box office records as well. There’s one slight problem with that, in my view. Titanic came out in 1997 and movie tickets were like $7. Now it’s at least $12 in most places to see a regular showing of Avatar, but the film is making 90% of it’s money on IMAX and 3D showings which can range up to $25 a ticket.

So if you factor in inflation, Avatar isn’t anywhere near the top. Not that I think Titanic’s throne needs to be defended, but I was always okay with Titanic being the #1 film. It was a sappy movie sure, but it had good FX, great actors, a solid love story and at least some basis on a truly compelling human interest tragedy. Now the #1 movie of all time is Tall Smurfs. If the world blows up tomorrow, I don’t want the human race going down with Tall Smurfs as it’s biggest box office film.

No sir, I don’t like it.

5 Responses to My Rant on Avatar Being #1 Movie Ever

  • Monte says:

    I absolutely HATE that they measure dollars earned rather than tickets sold. It's asinine; how can Gone With the Wind compete with a $25 ticket?

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    If you look at the top box office "hits" in movie history, there's very little that is not driven by FX or CGI. I don't agree that Avatar deserves this much hoopla, but people will pay to see what they like or just to be "in the know." The days of movies like Gone With the Wind are over. Heck, the reason Titanic became so popular was because James Cameron mixed in his fancy effects work with a chick flick romance plot that struck a chord with people.

    As Zuzu Bailey would say: Every time a bell rings, Cameron beats his own record.

  • Beth, the GF says:

    Eh, of course if you haven't seen it, I haven't either 😛

    I initially wanted to see it, but I say that about a lot of movies and end up feeling like with the ticket prices/popcorn and having to deal with the retarded public which engulfs the movie theatres, I'd much rather watch anything at home. The exception to that is few and far between. However, I swear every time we see my Aunt, this is what we hear, "Have you see Avatar yet?" And our response is always "No."

    I guess, I will eventually see it, although I'm not a super big fan of CGI, like at all. I'm weird, I know. But, I guess if I am going to convince you to see a movie with me, at the theatre (which is so rare I get to pick out movies), it's going to be one that I actually want to see, not one that everyone thinks I should see.


  • DrNightmare says:

    Lol, I learn something new here all the time!

    It's a boring movie. I thought Star Trek was boring too, though, so what do I know. #1 film though, no way, great point about ticket prices. All these movies like Dark Knight and Transformers, people pay the big bucks to see it on a big screen, at $25 a seat, that's like 2-3 times what "normal" tickets cost. I can't believe the people doing the tallies are so stupid that they don't take that into consideration when they say crap like GREATEST MOVIE EVER.

    I'm gonna guess saying that is just good PR, like when a start-up music band gets like 3 good reviews, and 100 bad ones. They only put the good ones on their website and ignore all the negatives.

  • davy says:

    Avatar was ok. It started off alright but by the middle I was looking at my watch. It was sort of bland, ALL the characters were uniteresting besides Jake Sully. There was the usual James Cameron bad dialogue but there was also some really bad acting. The special effets were great but the action scenes weren't. The action wasn't bad it just wasn't that interesting, especially since the "bad guys" kept making really really stupid mistakes, and Cameron had to use a bit of "deus ex machina" to resolve things.
    Had the film been a bit more grey than just so black and white it would have helped. There were probably episodes of the Smurfs more complex with more moral ambiguity than Avatar. Which doesn't mean something simple can't be great but with Avatar I was hoping for something more meanigful an intricate than just "i'm good …your evil let's fight".

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