Today we’re taking a look at something special and near and dear to my heart, the first toy I remember. I don’t know that this was the first toy I ever owned (which was likely a rattle or something), but it’s the first one I really recall memories of. Now I don’t have a date for when this was produced, in fact I know almost nothing about this toy (more on that later) so if it turns out that this guy didn’t come along till the mid 1980’s, my memory timeline may be screwed up. However I suspect this is the first toy I really remember.

EDIT: See comments section. Looks to be a Hong Kong Bootleg of an early 1980’s Takara Sparker.

It’s MechaGodzilla! Well, at least it’s supposed to be. There isn’t a single marking on this toy, so I don’t know if it’s an official Toho product or not. What I can say is that it’s not the least bit generic or has anything bootleg about it. It has every detail that the real MechaGodzilla has.

And while it might could be debated if this was my first ever toy, it’s certainly a fact this was my first ever SD or Super Deformed toy. Which leads me to believe this came from Japan. The SD craze wouldn’t trickle over into the United States until the mid 90’s and even then it was pretty brief. So where did this guy come from and when? I know Banpresto made some similar toys in the late 70’s and early 80’s, but I’m not sure if that’s it’s origin.

The only articulation he has is in both arms. That’s not too bad considering that this guy isn’t even two inches tall. His other big function was a pull back wheel. As I recall he did not have a traditional pull back motor, but one of those ones where if you pushed him forward several times and then let him go he would race toward you. Also when you did that, he shot sparks out of his mouth. These are just two of the reasons this was one of my favorite toys as a youngster.

I’ve never understood why he was brown in color, considering he has multiple paint aps including fingernails, toes and eyes. He actually had a couple of silver washes that were indicative of Bandai, so that could be another clue. As for his function, the wheel on his bottom is still in tact, but sadly it’s so old that it sort of acts like chalk now instead of moving him. I tried to see if I could get him to roll or spark, but neither worked because the wheel treads are starting to disintegrate.

Still it’s a cool toy and I was absolutely elated earlier this week when I found him because I was starting to fear he had been lost for all time. Now I am finally able to share this guy with you. One of the most important toys in my youth and definitely one that had a lasting impact on my love for toys and all things Godzilla.

This guy also gets mad props for being a very sturdy toy. This guy has been at the bottom of various toy boxes for years. Most toys eventually break when they end up at the bottom that often. Especially given this guy’s small size. Now that I’ve found him and I’m an adult, he can properly be displayed in a shrine. Take a bow Mini Mecha, your time has come. If you have any information on this guy, please leave a comment and help me fill in some of the gaps.

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  • Adam says:

    I have on of those little guys in a box somewhere that's silver. He's not mech-like, though. He's more like a silver reptile thing with lots of small teeth in his mouth.

  • poeghostal says:

    I have the exact same figure, along with a Godzilla one, except my MG is silver. And it's very real. I got mine from Mr. Big Toyland in Waltham, MA sometime in the mid-1980s, which means it was probably a Japanese import.

    Looks like they were made by Takara:


    I also have a funny story about these. Right around the time I got them, my dad also bought a wargame called Tyrannosaurus Wrecks. We played it (and a young Poe got pretty bored with it pretty fast, as I recall), but to make it more interesting, instead of using the little cardboard T. Rex token, we used the little Godzilla sparker. When we were done playing, we packed up the box and the Godzilla sparker went in there.

    About five years later–after a move to a new house–I got interested in Godzilla again and actually remembered that we'd put the little figure in there. So I asked my dad to dig out the game and lo and behold, there he was! I've held on to him ever since, and he sits in my shrine to this day, along with the newer MechaGodzilla sparker (I think I got him a few years after the Godzilla, on another visit to MBT).

  • Awesome. Your help has been most valuable.

    Looks like this might not be the Takara version, though.

    According to that same guy who did the Ebay review, the brown one is an earlier Hong Kong bootleg. Which makes sense I guess, because I know I had this guy before 88. I'm thinking 82-83 on these. Although Takara may have made them for several years. It uses the same sculpt as the Takara, though. Interesting stuff.

  • Looks like Takara made the sparkers all the way back to 1980 with their first series, so this may have come out around then.

  • Rex Cleggs says:

    Very hard to date these, especially the bootlegs. Takara made the originals starting in the early months of 1980 and continued to crank them out for most of the decade. Actually Takara still makes the sparkers in different decos using what appears to be most of the same molds.

    Terror of MechaGodzilla came out in 75 and the character was quite popular, so toys of him quickly appeared. The bootlegs were probably made simultaneously alongside the originals and could have came out in the early 1980 period as well.

    They aren't worth much, but they are pretty rare. Especially the Hong Kong Bootlegs.

  • Thanks for the help! I noticed that there are some more recent Takara sparkers around on the net. I'm seeing a lot of the other characters, but not Mecha, which makes me wonder if they didn't lose that mold. I may have to track down some of these later Takara ones and give this old dog some friends!

  • Al says:

    I have one that has to be Son Of Godzilla. I can’t find another on the internet. It’s green.

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