Bane kidnaps a kid at C2E2

This kid is looking for help, but nobody is helping.

I completely forgot to put this photo up in my massive C2E2 2013 Recap which included like 9 million photos. It wasn’t until today that I realized that one of the things I had cut from that post (hard to believe I cut anything I know) was my single favorite cosplayer at C2E2 this year. It’s Bane with a kid in a stroller!

What’s great about this costume isn’t that this guy was intentionally going around as some snarky “Bane with a stroller” cosplay but rather, it looks like the wife made him take the kids to the car or something. He was pushing his kids around in a huff trying to get through the crowd. Either that, or he was totally kidnapping these kids. I also love that nobody is batting an eye at this either. Bane is pushing a kid around in a stroller and nobody even notices.

Bane Kidnaps Kids

Just like that, Bane is able to whisk away children at a convention, without a peep from dozens of Batmen or even Burt Ward!

There were tons of Bane cosplayers at C2E2, all wearing the costume from Dark Knight’s Revenge or whatever the hell that last shitty Batman movie was called. I don’t care for the outfit at all, but apparently it’s pretty easy to put together since so many people were doing it. Even though the costume doesn’t do anything for me in general, this guy takes the cake because he was wheeling his kid around in the stroller, pissed off and ready to leave, as if he WASN’T wearing a ridiculous costume. It was great. I had to chase him down to get a photo, because he was not posing for photos, hence the shoddy quality on these.

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