Doctor Whosday on a Thursday Friday? How is that possible? It was procrastination time travel of course! Last week I asked readers to suggest a Doctor Who figure they would like to see reviewed and many of you responded with various requests. There’s a lot of interest in hearing my thoughts on the 11 Doctors set, but alas I feel that should be a series of reviews instead of just bits and pieces. Since we’re starting the 31 Days of Halloween, I figured it would be a better idea to tackle them after the Halloween season. That makes the request for the “Mutant Reveal Dalek” review all the better. What could be creepier than a mutant revealing Dalek?!

Doctor Who
Mutant Reveal Dalek
5 Inch Scale
By: Character Options

When the Doctor Who show returned earlier in the decade, it was a natural assumption that Daleks would return as well. This led to an incredible first season episode, entitled “Dalek” where we see what has happened to the last remaining Dalek after the Time War. It’s also the first time we see inside a Dalek in the new series and one of the most graphic depictions of a Dalek in the series entirely.

Daleks are cyborgs from the planet Skaro, created by the scientist Davros as the last and greatest weapon in the war against the Thals. They are mutated Kaleds integrated within a tank-like or robot-like mechanical casing. The resulting creatures are a powerful race bent on universal conquest and domination, utterly without pity, compassion or remorse.

Although the new series provided one of our closest looks at a Dalek, it wasn’t the first time we had seen the creatures. In fact, even in their first appearances we saw glimpses of the Dalek creatures. This isn’t even the first “mutant revealing” Dalek, as Dapol had tackled the idea a few years prior. What Character Options was able to do with this figure, however, is seamlessly weave the mutant reveal function with the new modern Dalek design.

The Mutant Reveal Dalek came out in 2005 and featured the basic card of the time. It has a cardboard backer and a plastic shell. Inside the Dalek has three twist ties holding him in, as well as a special plastic bubble that fits over his “Dalek Bumps”. (Good name for a Fergie tune?)

This was the standard package of the time and it’s eye catching but not overly flashy. This is the Underground Toys version, which usually slightly differs from the regular UK release. Underground Toys places various logos and stickers where needed.

The back of the package shows off the other figures in the series. There is a lot of empty space on the back of these cards and while it is usually filled up with nice art (like the Tardis) it might have served them well to make a card with the bios of characters. Then again, they were able to use this card for all the series.

When Russell T. Davies took on Doctor Who, he redesigned the Daleks. This is nothing new, the Daleks themselves have changed more times than the Doctor. To tone down some of the gaudy designs of previous Daleks and perhaps heighten the “scare” factor with the creatures, he redesigned them to all be a very monotone gold.

When you look at the Dalek fully assembled it’s virtually impossible to tell this from any of the other Dalek releases of the time. Let’s put it to a test, shall we?

One of these Daleks is a Mutant Reveal. The rest are regular Daleks. Can you guess which one is the Mutant Reveal?!

The big gimmick here is that you can remove the front portion and see the Dalek inside. Before the modern Doctor Who series, the Daleks were all shown to be more of a translucent green color. However, the new show has them as a pinkish purple, immediately making them look a bit like Utroms or Krang from the TMNT. This may have something to do with how the Daleks were recreated at some point, or it may have just been a directorial decision.

What is certain is that the detail by Character Options’ Designworks team is once again excellent. The Dalek appears just as they did in any modern episode where we got a peek into their mechanical husks. It almost looks slimy to an extent, but not so much that it’s overdone.

My favorite part is that the Dalek is clearly using his tentacles to manipulate a control panel. It’s an added touch that really brings this design up ten fold. He’s not just sitting in this Dalek machine, he’s putting it to use. Ever since the very first appearance, we’ve known that inside the Dalek’s shell was controls. Here we actually get a glimpse of them.

This leaves me with only one question: If you can design a mutant reveal Dalek that is flawlessly the same as the regular Dalek release, why aren’t ALL Dalek figures using this design? I guess it has something to do with cost or something, but it’s a shame all of the modern Daleks didn’t have this feature.

Even though Infinite Hollywood has one of the largest review archives of Doctor Who figures anywhere, I haven’t focused a lot on Daleks. Their articulation, I will break down very quickly now for those who don’t own any Daleks.

Underneath are three wheels. One is the “steering” wheel which allows a full 360 of movement. In the back we have two straight wheels that only go forward and backward.

The arms are ball joints, but their range of movement is hindered by their design. That said, they move just as much as a real Dalek’s arm. The eye stalk has up and down movement only.

Unless you count the front piece that removes, the Mutant Reveal Dalek comes with nothing. Daleks need nothing. Daleks are superior.

At around $10 the Mutant Reveal Dalek is a great value. So much so, that it is a bit annoying that the “mutant reveal” gimmick wasn’t used on other Dalek releases. This figure was pretty much only ever released in this version, but there could have been countless other Mutant Reveal Daleks. Oh well.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 9
Articulation – 6
Accessories – N/A
Value – 9
Overall – 9 out of 10

The Mutant Reveal Dalek is brilliant. It’s everything a Dalek toy should be. No, seriously… All Daleks should have this feature. That’s really the only weak spot on this guy. There is nothing that separates his design from a regular Dalek and that, oddly enough is his strongest point.


Perhaps in the future we’ll see more Mutant Reveal Daleks in the new Doctor Who line. All I can say for certain is that every Who fan needs at least one Dalek with “mutant reveal” function. Why? Because everyone needs a look at the little buggers that run around inside these machines once and while.

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  • The Castellan says:

    Love mine, got 2 myself, amongst my other Daleks. Though I disagree with RTD, the gold and bronze is a bit gaudy itselt, plus gold was often reserved for leader Daleks.

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