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Muppet Whatnot
By: Henson

I designed Mortimer Moongoon here on a whim. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while. I decided to create mine to be a bit like the old Muppet Newsman. I loved all the choices and I thought I’d share a bit more about the experience here. Obviously if you love Muppets, this is a cool pickup. I imagine it would also be a great item for children’s entertainers or as a nice puppet for someone trying to learn a bit about puppetry.

Your Whatnot comes in a large brown box. It’s a pretty impressive size. Once you crack it open you see the Muppet Workshop logo. Inside is your Muppet backpack bag with the your Muppet already inside.

The backpack bag is clear, but it’s of a nice quality. I don’t necessarily need this, but I know that some people enjoy them. They also apparently can let you not get one of these ins tore and it saves you like $10, but when you order them online, no dice.

His arm rod is already assembled, so he’s sort of waving at you when you crack him open.

It’s a nice presentation, but not quite as cool as say the Replica Gonzo box that I got last year. Of course it’d be pretty much impossible to get one quite as nice as that for the individual characters.

Obviously since you design the character yourself, how it looks depends a lot on how creative you are. I quite liked how mine turned out and it certainly looks better than the online model. This is really a high quality Muppet. That’s what you’re paying for, not just the Muppet name, but the quality.

Jim Henson designed the Whatnots years ago and there’s just something about the models he used. They have so much charisma and personality, instantly. Henson was a genius with that and that’s why when you see comparable puppets out there… They just don’t look as good.

You wouldn’t think that you could mass produce something like that. Henson’s Muppet Workshop worked very hard on creating these puppets and each piece is made to the specifications that Henson liked. Granted, it’s not the exact same quality as if Jim Henson’s company had made it, but obviously it’s of a high quality and feels that same design.

Mortimer Moongoon’s suit is a full outfit with shirt and tie and it’s not cheap feeling at all. I was really surprised. Everything here feels of great quality and it’s definitely nice. Inside the Muppet mouth, you can feel a little disk deal that works to help get some expressions. I’ve heard that’s broke on some people, but might seems sturdy enough. You just have to be reasonable in the usage.

Since it’s a Muppet, you got a lot of movement. You can move a lot of different stuff and get a lot of emotion from them. You only get one arm rod, but he’s hooked up for two. Even with one, you can do a lot. Even as an amateur puppeteer, you can do a lot. The better you are, the more you get.

You don’t get much with him. Obviously the outfit is removable and you can buy other outfits. Still you get the arm rod and you also get a nice little book that serves the same as the online one. It works like Colorforms, so you can design some others if you wanted.

These guys aren’t cheap, but I think they’re worth it. If you look around at comparable puppets, they certainly aren’t this good and most are just as expensive. The fact that you can design your own character, with hundreds of different combinations just ups the awesome factor ten fold. This would make a great gift for a eccentric uncle or a kid who appreciates this sort of thing. I imagine it’d be a cool gift and although the price is steep, it’s still a pretty darn good value.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 6
Sculpting – 9
Articulation – N/A
Accessories – Book, Arm Rod
Value – 8
Overall – 9 out of 10

I think if you could make one of these in store, it’s probably a 10 out of 10 experience because you’re able to tweak it a bit more, like not having hair. Online though the experience is fairly comparable and the end product is really nice. I definitely thought about getting another one and sometimes they run deals at FAO where they’re only $100. If you love Muppets or can catch one at that price, you should definitely bite. I hear they’re bringing this Workshop to Disney World as well, so I imagine it’d be a big hit there too.

7 Responses to Muppet Whatnot Review

  • Wesley says:

    Th website gives no justice to a nice muppet. However UPS dropped the ball and shuffles your package to the u.s. post office when using the freebie service. Kind of disappointed in that but that's what you get when choosing their free option for orders over $100.

  • Tim says:

    I was just wondering if anybody knew the weight of a muppet whatnot?

  • Reece says:

    I’ve been wanting one of these guys for years but I live in Canada. I figure I’m going to bite the bullet and have it shipped to a US address and then here. What is the approximate weight & size of the Whatnot box?

  • Erin says:

    Mine came unassembled very dissapointed, then when called FAO they wouldnt return bc the item was custom…

    • Newton says:

      That’s odd. I’ve heard that you can REQUEST it come that way, but typically they come assembled. At least that’s the way they used to do it. I wonder if there wasn’t a mix-up or maybe they changed their policy to make it so that they send them unassembled.

      Sorry to hear that though. I believe there’s a video online showing how they assemble them, so maybe you could watch that and see what tools you need to put it together. I think it’s just hot glue, but don’t quote me on that.

  • Erin says:

    Yea I calls but fao 1800 number knows nothing. The store however found it odd. As of now I’m tracking one but I can’t tell if its right, how much was the packages when received

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