When I started this site I imagined in my head that it would be a low rent version of X-E where I’d eat strange old foods and whatnot, but along the way we’ve become a bit more toy centric than originally planned. That doesn’t mean I won’t be here trying out new stuff for you, which brings me to today’s little tidbit, Mountain Dew World of Warcraft Game Fuel. This is a “Horde Red” beverage that is supposedly Mountain Dew flavored with Cherry & Citrus.

Let it be known that I neither drink Mountain Dew or play World of Warcraft on a regular basis. Actually in case of the latter, I’ve never played it. Although I did use to play the early WarCraft games, back when they were a completely different genre of gaming. Mountain Dew I know is like the nerd drink of choice, but since it tastes like sugary urine and looks like it too, I’ve never been a fan. Sorry guys but I like soda with flavor. If I wanted to drink this crap, I’d drink Surge. Ah Surge, those were the days. Enough about that.

The reason I ended up with this abomination of unholy concoctions is because my local grocer had a sale where you could buy a ton of Pepsi 12 pack products and get a discount. Once I got all the flavors I wanted, I figured I’d try something adventurous.

So what does “Game Fuel” taste like? Upon first sip, it tastes like a burnt Skittle. Eventually as you continue to drink, much like fine wine the taste evolves. Sadly it evolves into the taste of regular Mountain Dew, with a back blast of battery. Yes, this crap actually tastes like licking a battery, without all the fun electric tongue shock.

I ended up with the “evil” flavor because the other one said it was fruit punch so I just expected it to taste like fruit punch and I hate that too. I’ve never gotten into the whole MMORPG thing but I’m sure even if I was as bad as Cartman in South Park playing WOW, I doubt I’d enjoy drinking this. You can just feel your body trying to reject it.

That said, I’ve drank most of the 12 pack because I’m addicted to soda.

The neatest part about this review is that when I took a couple pictures of the can, my camera’s flash created a cool effect that made the can look like one of those 1980’s conversion vans with the crazy wizards and stuff painted on the side. Whatever happened to those guys with murals of that crap on their van? I used to see them everywhere. I guess they all started playing World of Warcraft and stopped making kooky vans.

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  • Jason says:

    I never played WOWC either.I don't play PC games. The blue version of this stuff was awesome! My fiancee hates Mountain Dew, but she actually enjoyed the blue version. It tastes much better than the Voltage you can find anytime, anywhere.

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