On a day when I just got hit with a $50 charge for TWO action figures in the MOTUC line, the last thing I want to hear about is raising prices. Low and behold, that’s exactly what happened. Over at the MattyCollector forums, Scott Neitlich dropped this little bombshell:

The Horsemen tend to “overdeco” figures. Every figure in 2012 is delivering $22.00 worth of paint apps. In 2013 we are dramatically raising prices so we can afford more paint and accessories. If we wanted to deliver all the figures exactly as the 4HM painted the protos we would need to charge more and we already sold in the sub for 2012, so that is not an option. Legally we can’t raise prices on the sub after it is sold in. This is why we will start 2013 at higher prices.

First, I reject the idea that the 4 Horsemen “overdeco” stuff. They put in the deco that they think a character needs. Certainly there are times where certain paint applications can be removed and still look nice, but I think it’s a bit of the old “throw the Horsemen under the bus” mentality at work here again. It’s not like the Horsemen are sitting around saying “Hey, let’s see how many paint aps we can jam onto this figure” or maybe they are. The Horsemen are free to chime in on that, but I doubt that’s their goal.

The big issue is price. We’ve already seen one price hike on MOTUC this past year. Now the word dramatic is being used in regards to the new price increase. Mattel has already made it clear that the subs will not stay at the “2008” price next year. This means that we’re going to see an increase in cost no matter what. Would Mattel really have the gall to raise the price to $30 per figure? That’s the only thing I can imagine would be “dramatic” in terms of an increase.

What do you think the 2013 price of MOTUC will be? What price is too dramatic for you?

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  • plannedbanter says:

    If they hit over $30 before shipping, then I'm absolutely out. I'm hoping they're trying to oversell us on the increase and then have it be something like $24 so it seems like they've done us a "favor" and shown "how much they care about fans by fighting to keep that price". That's all wild speculation, but $30 on top of the ridiculous shipping+handling/mystery tax pushes these as being less affordable than import toys that are entirely new sculpts with more paint apps.

  • stack32 says:

    Talking about increasing prices would probably go over better in a week where Marvel Select didn't just release their new Hulk figure. That things looks like an absolute bargain next to MOTUC figures.

    This might persuade me to quit cherry-picking and give the line up altogether. I haven't been impressed by a new figure in a long time and I hate giving business to Mattel anyway.

  • Yeah I've heard that theory. It's bad PR either way, but I guess we'll have to see. Granted $30 is my speculation, based on no facts, but I just think if prices went up to $25 or whatever, then it's hardly dramatic. Then again, who knows. Maybe they think a minor bump is drastic.

    Honestly it's hard to figure out the truth of the matter when you've got gems like "the figures have $22 of deco on them" in there.

  • Yeah that always amazes me. How is it that MS can get a huge, 100% fully sculpted new figure in for that price and then Mattel can't do better. And it's not like MS is selling that many more units. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that they're doing fewer sales than most MOTUC guys.

  • Mario says:

    I dunno… Aren't MS figs also sold at TRU? That'd help it's production run/quantities ordered. Plus, Diamond Select is huge, if only because of all the comic shops around the world who order their stuff. I'd actually venture to say that they produce much larger numbers of their figures than Mattel does MOTUC.

  • MS figs aren't sold at TRU to my knowledge. They did get a few into the Disney store, which I believe was sort of a big deal for them. I still stand by my original thought. I'm guessing the MS numbers and the MOTUC numbers aren't that different from one another.

  • General Grevious says:

    Mattel has done it again. Caused an uproar because of their own guy sticking his foot in his mouth. Also, I saw another popular toy site more or less post this exact column, almost verbatim to what you said… But they changed the price, lol.

  • wesitron says:

    I don't know if it's intentional or not, but Mattel is seriously sabotaging the shit out of this line. The $2 increase already put these figures into the realm of nigh-unaffordable. If they're so cool with the fans, why don't they just do a fan poll and ask if it's in the future of the line's best interest to raise the price after already significantly raising the price once this year?

    I mean, cuz it worked out so well for DCUC is all…

  • oansun says:

    They priced me out of DC (as indicated by wesitron), but it would be hard to price me out of MOTUC. Is $30 insane? It sure is. But I love He-Man and want as many figures as I can. If it's the only line I purchase, it wouldn't bother me all that much. That said, it's getting harder and harder to continue being a fan of this line. Accessories are cut for budget, paint is cut for budget. Are they barely making any money off the line? Maybe less figures? OH! How about you just get out of the digital river deal? I'd say you'd be able to handle it by now in house, or with the mattel toy shop online people (unless that's digital river too…I have no idea). That would free up some budget and keep costs down. No? Well, whatever.
    I think they say "dramatic" because the $2 increase from last year. But if you are a subscriber, then it's a $5 bump. And in the world of action figures, that's definitely dramatic. $1 get controversy, so Toyguru is just preparing for the worst I guess.
    Ok. Raise the price to $25, but give us Grayskull. It would be hell expensive, but they did the freakin' Legion set.

  • Zach S. says:

    How about they stop making this 30th Anniversary CRAP and just make the regular figures. Maybe that would help keep costs down?!? I hate Mattel.

  • plannedbanter says:

    Yeah, if they could get that $22 of deco to be applied evenly or maybe even forward the cost from that price increase to no more goofups like Khan's elbows, I wouldn't mind so much. I don't know how the line gets more expensive considering that they have half the number of new parts made for them as most other lines and they're making a fortune off the outrageous shipping prices; $15 usually means something gets here 2 days later for most places.

  • plannedbanter says:

    But they cheaped out on the Legion set in ways that defy the mind's attempt at rational comprehension! Scale? What's scale? Saturn Girl should be taller than everyone! Even Chemo!

  • Yeah don't even get me started on the shipping scam.

  • rupert_Valero says:

    how many new figures can they make? most folks wanted the vintage stuff with modern re-engineering and articulation. me, im happy buying old favorites. im not into the new characters- because i never heard of most of these new ones. so a price increase wont affect me. im sure lots of others will feel the same.

  • Yeah I'm not sure how much longer the line has legs being as popular as it is now. I think there might be five years left, total. With maybe two good years tops and another couple limping along. Like JLU and DCUC did. But that's being really optimistic.

    There's probably only like a dozen essential guys left.

  • Saturn Girl, giant sized woman thing.

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