Finally a few details from Mattel about their Masters of the Universe subscription plan.

Well we know fans have been waiting for an update and here it the latest:

-The MOTU subscription program will be available May 18th through 22nd.

– You can purchase as many subscriptions as you want. Each subscription includes the Sept – Dec 2009 MOTUC figures

-Convention, rerelease and repaint figures are not included simply because not all fans may want the rereleases and convention figures may change in price or release date

-We will have a 2010 subscription for Jan – Dec 2010 figures in mid August with the same rules applying

-Once you purchase a subscription you are locked in (i.e. no refunds)

-Figures will continue to be revealed about three months ahead of time, so yes, if you buy a subscription you are agreeing to purchase which ever figure comes out that month even if not revealed yet

-Options will be available to be charged and have figures ship each month, or to have all figures held, shipped and be charged at the end of the year.

-Figures will also still be available to purchase each month with the standard limit of 10 (if you want more than 1 of a certain figure for example)

A few additional details will be on on the news section tomorrow and I’ll do my best to check in here often to answer any other questions!

Hope this will really help those who want a complete set!

Sounds pretty good, but Mattel will probably find a way to screw it up.

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