It’s an acronym apocalypse as Mattel presents TRU DCUC vs MOTUC! You know just two days after I decide that I’m officially quitting DC Universe Classics, Mattel does it’s best to lure me back in. Sort of…

Remember all that scuttlebutt about how Masters of the Universe wasn’t a “retail” line. Well obviously Mattel is realizing that there is a mass appeal to MOTUC and is starting to test the waters. What with? Well it’s a “Comic pack” of DCUC versus MOTUC.

For those not in the know, at one point DC Comics produced a MOTU comic and they had a couple of crossover issues. ToyFare just confirmed that at least one pack is coming (Superman versus He-Man) and it’s going to be a Toys R’ Us exclusive. Furthermore, a quick scan of Ebay reveals a Skeletor in matching “comic” colors.

I actually applaud Mattel for cribbing Hasbro’s “comic pack” idea and I think it works for their MOTU and DCUC properties. The one real problem, is that DCUC and MOTUC figures don’t really mesh. MOTUC is quite a bit larger. That said, despite the fact that these figures are basic repaints of MOTUC figures in “comic” colors, I see little to complain about with these sets. Even the $30 price tag seems reasonable.

I’ll definitely pick them up if I see them. I dig the glowing power swords. It’s a cool alternate He-Man and Skeletor. I have no real use for another Superman, but that’s never stopped me from having to pick one up. I wonder who comes with Skeletor?

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