I’ve been getting a lot of traffic from TMNT fan sites, so I thought I’d drop some more information on the upcoming TMNT game. It is being designed specifically for the Wii, but has potential to be ported to other consoles down the line. However at the moment this is a WII game, exclusively.

From the article:

Q: Will the game release on other consoles, either simultaneously or down the road?

A: I can’t really comment on that.

Given that the design team is almost exclusively Wii developers, this is a good thing. There has been criticism of Wii getting the worst of the third party titles. However when a title is developed SPECIFICALLY for the Wii, it tends to be very good. That seems to be the case here. There is a lot of talk of it being played online via the Wii.

Also a hint of DS game as well:

Q: Are any other games planned, such as on the DS to tie into the Wii title?

A: I can’t comment just yet, but suffice to say we have some very exciting plans for TMNT.

And now what you really came for… THE PICTURES! (Click to see full size)

It looks visually impressive, sorry for the flash (not easy to photograph a magazine and I don’t have a scanner) but the designs are straight out of the TMNT movie. Including several levels that appeared in the movie such as the NYC rooftops. There is a picture of a huge alligator (Leatherhead?) trying to eat one of the turtles as well, which suggests a lot of level interactivity.

You might also notice in one of the pictures there is what appears to be a new TMNT figure based on classic designs. as well as for the first time ever, some Mirage style TMNT figures from Playmates. Muy interstante.

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