Some more news out of the UK Toy Fair about the new Doctor Who “Lego” mini figures. These aren’t officially Legos, but are definitely cloning the style and are being made by Character Options. There is also a ton of sets coming out as well as individual figures.

There looks to be tons of playset potential. Including a mini Tardis and such.

But uh, consider me sold! Yes, they’re making classic figures as well. They’re starting off with a big 11 Doctors set! Now we’re talking. Again, this won’t be the main line for me… But as a cool desktop toy? Absolutely.

And as someone who loves to army build, this is sexy! I need to amass an army, like yesterday!

And they have playsets! Like the Dalek base!

The Whole Tardis interior console!

Plus Rory! River! So much awesomeness. They’re rolling out the full gamut for this small scale.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though. The single figures are going to be blind bagged. Similar to the Lego Mini Figures out now. This means you won’t know who you’re going to get when you buy them. That’s sure to prove frustrating and at the same time, add a game element to the figures.

The good news is that they are selling lots of sets. Those sets will allow you to pick up the specific characters that you want. Unfortunately the blind bagging will make any characters that are exclusive to the single bags, much harder to obtain.

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