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These ain’t no mere Mordles! Our buddy John Doctor Kent has been hard at work with his associates, reviving a variety of toy lines. The first of which is set to launch very soon and it’s the Mordles! If you don’t remember the Mordles, that may be because they weren’t part of their own line. Instead, Mordles were the odd “food” of Ideal’s Rocks & Bugs & Things toy line from the early 1980’s. Rocks & Bugs & Things was an absolutely bizarre line with bugs and rocks that sort of transformed into dinosaurs and other random crap. They were basically designed to do battle with your GI Joes and He-Man style figures. The line didn’t last long.

ToyFinity have decided to sidestep the Rocks & Bugs & Things themselves and focus on bringing back the Mordles. In the vintage toy line, Mordles were the odd little creatures that were shown being eaten by the main toys. There really wasn’t any rhyme or reason to it all, but the Mordles themselves have become collector items. So naturally, they’re coming back and better than ever!

Here’s the press release explaining a bit more:

In 1985, the classic Ideal property ROCKS AND BUGS AND THINGS detailed the never-ending battle between creatures disguised as rocks and bugs, while exploring their need to consume the mischievous Mordles – their only food source.

Mordles prices have been ridiculous since the early days of eBay – but in 2013, the Mordles return in all-new adventures and colors at an affordable price from Toyfinity Toys!

These little whirlwinds of energy and personality will once again have their chance to shine in a direct-to-consumer line available at and select brick-and-mortar retailers such as the House of Fun in Oaklyn, New Jersey. Rescued from obscurity with the assistance of the curator of, Toyfinity Toys – in conjunction with Onell Design, creators of the Glyos System ( toyline – has recreated the full set of the ten vintage Mordles in all-new colors…and for the first time, with painted toenails.

Mordles love to arrive in groupings called waves; the first wave consists of six editions, released two editions per month starting June 28th, 2013.

The first two editions are:
Standard Edition Mordles (yellow) ten pack with special bonus item – $16.
Crawler Edition Mordles (blue) ten pack – $12

But that’s not all. There’s a special “Club Mordle” starting right now! In the style of vintage clubs, the Club Mordle comes with lots of neat things, but no figures. I’ll confess, I’m a little sad that it doesn’t come with any Mordles. I think it should come with one Mordle… But that’s just me. What the club does do is it guarantees members the chance to purchase at least one of every Mordles product released in 2013! That in itself sounds like reason enough to join Club Mordle!

Club memberships are available now at through June 16th (or while memberships last). For the low price of $10, members will receive a packet designed to evoke memories of the classic fan club kits of days gone by. There are no toy-based products included in the Club Mordle kit. Members will also have the opportunity to vote on a future Mordles production run.

Unlike other subscriptions, Toyfinity Toys is not locking anyone in purchasing product blindly. Members will have access to a store prior to the date that the general public will be allowed to purchase the figures, starting on Monday June 17th. The store will only be available for a limited time, the full details of which can be found here.

8 Responses to Mordles Coming Soon – Join Club Mordle Today!

  • Wes says:

    The heck? I want that rock dinosaur thing. Who cares about the deformed cats? 😛

  • clark says:

    For $10 I went ahead and joined. I’m probably not going to take part of every release (I think they’ve said at least 6 different colors will be released this year), but I definitely want a few of them.
    Also, I love supporting these fun little, reasonably priced independent companies. Since they’re made out of the same plastic as Glyos, you know they’ll be virtually indestructable too.

    • Newton says:

      I agree with you on supporting the small lines. I like that you can get 10 for a decent price. I’m not sure how many I would want to collect though. I mean, the color variants would get old after a while I would think, but I’m sure they have more Mordle stuff planned.

      Of course, I still think the club should come with a single Mordle. Sort of a wet your whistle type thing, but I am curious to see what swag you get in the club package.

      • John K. says:

        Hi Newt!
        There’s a specific reason I didn’t want to put an exclusive toy in the membership kit – personally, I feel (after the He-Man sub has been in our lives for the last five years) that toy exclusives EXCLUDE people from a line more than they include them.
        There’s a lot of talk about the “fun” of toys. I think a membership kit that has some fun things in it that help stoke your imagination or take you back to a time when you were younger (like the Steel Brigade file card) are worth more than a “special” redeco Mordle. At least until next year, when the membership includes exclusive “Ecto-ooze” neon trans green Mordles. 🙂

        • Newton says:

          I totally get what you’re saying and the reasoning behind in John. I think in a lot of ways, the Matty sub figure has definitely soured a lot of people on the concept. And that ecto ooze one sounds awesome, whether you were joking or not. Translucent is amazing, I’m just saying…

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