One of my favorite Moon Knight items I got several Christmases ago from my girlfriend. At the time I was still on the hunt for the Marvel Legends Moon Knight and she too had tried to find it. With X-Mas drawing close and Marc Spector being as elusive as Saint Nick himself, she ended up getting me this cool mini-bust of Moon Knight. It’s made by Art Asylum and produced through Diamond Select.

These were limited edition to around 2,500 and mine is number 300 or so. Interestingly this Moon Knight bust was released under the name “Marvel Universe Moon Knight” which makes this the third time I’ve mentioned such. Maybe Hasbro should have come up with a new name for their 3 3/4 line.

It’s a small bust, perfect for desk placement. It’s got a nice weight to it though and the sculpt is simply beautiful. These ran about $50 and you can find some on the secondary market now for about that price, but you have to look. Otherwise you’ll be paying a bit more. I’m having trouble finding it at the moment because I packed it away a while back. Regardless I thought I’d shine a bit of a spotlight on this because it’s a very cool item for Moon Knight enthusiasts. All 75 of us.

Typically I don’t buy statues or busts because they have no articulation. Why buy a statue when you can buy a action figure? But I must admit this one is pretty cool. It features the crecent moon logo sweeping around to meet Moon Knight’s cape and makes for a neat base. Whereas most busts have a generic stand or base this one actually ties into the character. With any luck I’ll find it before the week’s out so I can add it to my shrine of Moon Knight.

Be sure to be here tomorrow when I’ll review the Marvel Universe 3 3/4 Moon Knight figure. 11 PM EST!

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