July 2011 is in the record books and let’s take a look back at some of the fun things we showcased on the website this past month. We had interviews, DVD and comic showcases, plus a huge smattering of toy news and reviews. July was fun but we promise to make August even better!

First up we have our Tanya Tate Interview, where we learned about this curvy cosplayer’s fondness for Hammer Horror, Megos and lots more. Be sure to check it out if you didn’t the first go around.

Next we had the first pictures and details on the Godzilla MonsterArts line that’s launching later this year. It’s superposeable Godzilla madness and it’s going to be awesome… As well as expensive. Check out all the details and photos if you haven’t already.

Speaking of Godzilla, he made an appearance himself in my review of MMA legend Don Frye. The two have some history of course, as Don Frye was a star in the Godzilla: Final Wars feature film from Toho. This figure is all about whooping up on some mutated dinosaurs.

If you like Nintendo then you’ll want to check out our review of the K’Nex Mario set. It’s one part Lego, one part kickass plumber!

Lest we forget a little dip through space and time with our DVD review of Doctor Who: The Mutants. We check out this classic Pertwee story and all of it’s DVD special features. Dig Ky and his technicolor skincoat!

Other Fun Stuff This Past Month:
Comic Review: Rocketeer Adventures #2
Figure Review: NECA The Crow
Figure Review: NECA Legacy of Kain
Video Review: SDCC Lion-O
Retailer Review: Ringside Collectibles

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