Ultraman Dyna aired from 1997-1998 in Japan and never had a release here in the States. However, Dyna’s predecessor, Ultraman Tiga, did air briefly with a dubbed version in America. Dyna was able to piggyback some of that fame off of Tiga here, including a DVD release of their joint movie. So while Ultraman Dyna certainly isn’t well known here in America, he has had some exposure here.

Yesterday in my review of Mons-Ahgar, I mentioned his battle with Ultraman Dyna as well as the Pokemon-like creature known as Hanejiro. Without some context, that review might seem a bit confusing. So here’s the entire battle between Dyna and Mons-Ahgar, in all it’s bubble gum pink glory. All part of our lovefest this week fo Tsuburaya Production’s Ultraman characters.

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