5 Inch Scale
By: GoGoDynamo
$15 (+$5 Venture Upgrade)

This year I joined up with the Toy Advent Calendar project, to present new reviews each day from different reviewers. I decided to do some reviews that were a bit off the beaten path, so up first is a Kickstarter toy that will melt your face in it’s awesome simplicity.

Modibot Mo
Earlier this year, I invested in a little Kickstarter called Modibot Mo. It was a smaller line that didn’t get the fanfare of say, the last Four Horsemen project. The two men behind this Kickstarter, had previously done an unsuccessful Kickstarter that I had backed as well. This time the figures were much different and were more or less the second coming of Stikfas/Xevoz.

Mousers Attack
The Kickstarted made it’s funding and unlike pretty much every other toy Kickstarter out there… This one actually made the figures! They even delivered them on time! Amazing, I know.

Modibot Mo comes to us from two guys who previously worked at Hasbro (and other places) and know all about the world of toys. Mo started off as a 3D printing project and people have made various versions of the Modibot for a while now. This is the first batch of China produced Modibot figures in actual plastic and not from a 3D printer.

These come in a pair of simple plastic baggies. Because who really needs a big elaborate package anyway? Minimalist is the way to go!

You have to assemble the figure yourself. Which of course, is part of the fun. It does include a very basic instruction sheet to show you how to build the basic Mo.

Well this is an odd section, because there isn’t much of a sculpt and literally no paint to speak of. That is a bit different than most figures on the market. These guys are similar to Stikfas and Xevoz in that way, although the latter had paint apps at times.

What’s nice about the sculpt that is here, is that it does have a fair amount of personality.

The real draw is the ability to “plug and play” with the various ports. This allows you to create all sorts of creations, just with the basic Mo body. The more parts you have, the more things you can create.

Mo comes in quite a few flavors err, colors. In the original Kickstarter, I opted only for the purple, but I decided to pick up a few extras as well in different colors. I already want more colors and parts.

Since this guy was designed to be used with DIY printing, you can buy all sorts of attachment parts. Mo is the ultimate 3D printing skeleton. Frankly, I hope we see more actual plastic pieces produced. The quality on these is top notch.

The sculpt reminds me a bit of Scud the disposable assassin. So that’s pretty cool.

The articulation here is godly. While it’s all simple ball pegs, it works so intuitively that you’ll quickly realize this is one of the most versatile figures in your collection. I’d say the articulation is closer to Xevoz than Stikfas, but I know there wasn’t a huge difference there. In my humble opinion, this works better than either of those.

The other nice thing is that these guys are STURDY! I had so many Stikfas that broke just trying to put them together, much less posing. I haven’t had a single issue with these. I hear they’re actually made out of a similar plastic to bottle caps.

You can get this guy in just about any pose you can imagine and the nice thing is, they stay posed and remain tight. No loose joints here, even after tons of play.

The default Mo doesn’t come with anything but a spare set of adapter pegs. However for $5 you can add the “venture” set. It comes with quite a few little goodies and it’s the only other China made plastic accessories currently available.

You can get the Venture set in black or blue colors. It comes with a ball cap, headphones, shoes, backpack, gun and knife. All can be snapped on to the figure and are multi-purpose.

As well, you can visit their 3D printing hub and get all sorts of gear. From a scuba diver to an Egyptian god. I do hope more of these 3D print sets are eventually made into plastic.

The original Kickstarter price was great. You can get Mo and a Venture set off their official website for not much more than we paid. What’s even better, is that they have a variety of packages to choose from. Quite frankly, this toy is worth every penny. It’s basic, yes, but the potential is limitless. For a small company to produce something so fantastic, is rare.

Score Recap:
Packaging – n/a
Sculpting – 5
Paint – n/a
Articulation – 10
Accessories – (With Venture upgrade) Hat, Knife, Gun, Headphones, Shoes
Value – 10
Overall – 10 out of 10

10 out of 10! As you know, I don’t give those out that often. Modibot Mo just has all the makings of a fantastic figure. Yes, he doesn’t have paint, or much of a sculpt to go by, but the figure is just plain fun. I’ve spent hours upon hours messing around with my Modibot figures. It’s part of the reason this review is so delayed, I just keep finding new combinations and doing more fun stuff with them. I absolutely recommend this figure to everyone.

While I believe the goal of GoGoDynamo is to sort of revolutionize the world of toys and look to the future of 3D printing possibilities, there’s no doubt in my mind that there is a market for these toys in the traditional avenues as well. Modibot may have started as an experiment in creation, but it has the potential to turn into a dynasty of innovation.

5 Responses to Modibot Mo Figure Review

  • jestergoblin says:

    Heh – you stole my review!

    I got five of the 3-d printed accessories and they are awesome. Huge fan of the angel wing set, and just getting a red figure and a blue figure allows for an impromptu Spider-Man!

    • Newton says:

      My bad, lol.

      The sad part is, I should have gotten this review up way back when I first got the figures, but I just got behind. I kept taking different photos. I probably have another 25 photos I wanted to use for this review. So many fun builds.

      • jestergoblin says:

        I love the flexibility of the parts, it’s easy to make a taller or shorter figure

        And the 3d printed accessories are cool, but I’m always afraid of breaking them.

        • Newton says:

          Yeah, I think the future of these will be not so much with the 3D printing but in making more accessory sets in China out of the better plastic. Hopefully it’s enough of a success to warrant more productions.

  • Dead End says:

    I don’t think they intended it when they launched the product, but Modibot’s ball and socket joints and the holes in the feet make them absolutely perfect for doing stop motion.

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