The folks at Go Go Dynamo are at it again, this time with a new Kickstarter project called ModiBot. You may remember that Go Go Dynamo were the folks behind the (sadly unsuccessful) Hero Project Kickstarter last year around this time. ModiBot is something they’ve been working on ever since. It’s basically the newest incarnation of Stikfas or Xevoz. As I mentioned the last time these guys did a Kickstarter, these dudes are not some fly by night operation. They have decades worth of experiance working with Hasbro and Kenner.

ModiBot seems to draw some influence from that. Hasbro has recently been working to develop their action figure prototypes and such through 3D printing. ModiBot is designed around 3D printing. You can actually already purchase what are essentially beta ModiBot style figures from their Shapeways store. What this Kickstater will do, is create legit plastic factory molded bodies that you can then adapt 3D printed accessories too. They are offering packages with the plastic molded figures and upgrades that are 3D printed.

The nice part is that they’ve already developed a ton of accessories and these are tested, proven concepts. This isn’t them trying to figure out how to develop this figure. They have everything ready to roll out. The concept is certainly neat. I’ve decided to back this just to give it a try.

I do think the actual Kickstarter page is a bit weaker than their last attempt and these toys are more expensive for what you’re getting. However, there are some decent deals to be had and the more money they raise, the more goodies they can provide. If you were a fan of Stikfas, Xevoz or just want to try out the 3D printer revolution first hand, I suggest you check out their ModiBot Kickstarter page and make a pledge.

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