Earlier this year I had a fascinating interview with Mike Slobot about his crazy robot designs and artwork. Since that time I’ve kept an eye on his “Slobots” and it seems I’m not alone in admiring them. His newest Slobot, the Space Ace 7 will be showing as part of the Custom Jouwe Show at the Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles. The show will be opening on October 2, and includes an incredible group of international artists.

The newest Slobot custom has an LED mounted inside his head that lights up the sculpture’s eyes in a striking blue color, as well as an all over glow in the dark effect with black light reactive elements.

The show at TAG Show will be simulcast via the web on the night of the show opening. The Space Ace 7 will be available for purchase via the Toy Art Gallery. So even if you can’t go check out Mike Slobot’s work in person, you’ll have a chance to purchase this cool robot Slobot!

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