Mighty Beanz
#26 Snotty Bean
1 Inch Scale
By: Spinmaster
$5.99 (For a 6 Pack)

When I was a kid, the local gas station sold Mexican Jumping Beans. I want to say they cost like $3 and I thought they were the coolest things in the world. They were beans and they moved around and stuff. I later found out that it was actually little bugs inside the bean that made it move about, but hey all of life’s mysteries aren’t solved when you’re seven years old.

Anyway, one day I went into the gas station and there where my precious Mexican Jumpin Beans were… Was now filled with PLASTIC jumping beans. I didn’t get it. How could these fake jumping beans compare to real ones? Wasn’t the whole allure of the Mexican Jumping Beans that they were “alive”? Needless to say I bought the plastic ones to try them out but they were just little plastic beans with magnets in them. Lame. No one would ever buy these and true enough, a few weeks later my local gas station carried beans no more. Be it of the Latino or Rubbermaid variety.

Fast forward to the year 2003 and Spinmaster figured out how to sell those plastic Mexican Jumping beans… By painting wacky faces on them. I briefly worked in retail around the time that Mighty Beanz were at their height and I can assure you, these things were selling like hotcakes. Now, years later I take a look at them and see if I can figure out what the craze is all about.

I received this bean as a freebie for buying some stuff off of ToysRUs.com with one of their promotions. Normally Beanz come in a 6 pack or assorted other varieties. Although you can find these single packs up by the registers as well, next to the candy and baseball cards.

The little plastic bag package is attractive enough and it really hammers home the idea that the included “Collector Guide” is the main sell. You may not need just a single bean, but how are you going to know if you have the whole set without the collector guide?!

The back shows off a couple of other beans and gives all the legal information. It’s not very exciting, though I don’t suspect it should be.

There are two sculpts of beans. The larger, more common beans and a smaller “half size” bean. All of these beans are marked as “ultra rare” beans. This is another one of these toys marketed under the idea that you’re trying to collect them all and get the rare ones. An ingenuous ploy by toy companies to get you to buy multiples of crap that’s mostly crap to begin with.

The beans don’t really have much of a “sculpt”, they just are little round bean shaped dudes. The real catch is the printed tampos on them. That’s actually pretty cool. Snotty Bean here looks like a leftover Garbage Pail Kid. She’s all covered in snot and disgusting. Spinmaster also for a while made licensed Mighty Beanz, so you could get the TMNT or Marvel heroes on a bean as well.

I find this one to be particularly nasty, but that’s just me. I was never big into gross out toys, but I did collect Garbage Pail Kids for a while. Maybe it’s an age thing. It’s a decent little piece of artwork and I love that it can stand up on it’s own, despite it’s strange shape. I wish I’d got the “wrestler bean” though, because he looks like Hulk Hogan.

Uh, it doesn’t have any articulation. Inside is a magnet, so when you flick it or roll it, it reacts in all those nifty ways that magnets do. If you collect a bunch of beans you can put them next to each other and have them “fight” or breakdance and such. Basically it’s you know, magnets reacting to one another.

So one of the big selling points of this thing is the “collector’s guide”… On TRU’s website they made it sound pretty awesome and it’s right there on the package as being very important. But it turns out that it’s just a little foldout thing.

It’s like something you’d get that would normally be instructions or something. I feel hosed.

It actually does include instructions for a variety of “games” you can play. They include the following ideas:

Bomber Beanz: Basically throwing beans at each other. Compelling, but this is listed as just a level 1 game. Obviously for novices.

Bean Bowling: This is for more advanced players. Since the beans can stand on their own, you can roll them at a stack of them like bowling pins.

Bean Bounce: This is tiddlywinks. Lame.

Bean Royal Rumble: Put all your beans on a sheet of paper and shake it until they all fall out but one. Really? This is a level 3 game?

Trampoline Beanz: Throw a bean into the air with a piece of paper. Seriously, the games seem to get dumber as the level of difficulty goes up.

But hey at least there’s that nifty checklist. It shows you all 100 regular Mighty Beanz. It might be helpful if they were numbered, you know, like on the actual bean! Plus this doesn’t even tell you about the special edition beans that were previously available. Not much of a collector’s guide if you ask me. Tomarts of Mighty Beanz this is not.

I don’t know if a group of these is worth $6. That makes them like a dollar a piece. They aren’t much fun. Although my cat LOVES them. Except… It’s just big enough for a cat to swallow, so I don’t recommend letting your kitties play with them. It also says for kids 5+ but I think maybe you should be even older… These things are just asking to be eaten or stuck up someone’s nose.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 4
Sculpting – 2
Articulation – N/A
Accessories – Collector Guide
Value – 2
Overall – 3 out of 10

I realize I’m too old to see the magic of Mighty Beanz. Still, even as a kid I probably would have passed these off as lame. I didn’t care for my plastic Mexican Jumping Beans and I don’t care for these. If you had a bunch I guess they could be fun, but no sir, I don’t like it. Then again, I collected Pogs when I was a kid… So what the hell do I know? Who am I kidding, if I was kid I’d probably love these things. COLLECT THEM ALL!

I also still think McFarlane’s Odd Pods should have some cool Beanz-esque tampo designs. Also, does anyone want to buy my old Pogs? I had a slammer made of metal with a big 3-D eye on it. It’s like Avatar, but a pog! Really, no one? Okay then!

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  • Julian says:

    I found some really cool ones like a mega bean that has a hand grenade in its hand and sniper ammo and a commando bean with a machine gun and a hand grenade.(pretty violent for kid toys)

  • My 7 year old just had to get his own Mighty Beanz after he saw some at his friend's house. I think they are going to be hit sellers this holiday season. No too expensive and the kids really like them.

  • ben says:


  • ben says:

    i love mighty and i got every 2010 mighty bean made lol including all the mighty moose every color and the space moose all the square mighty beanz special edition limited edition and all the marval beanz dc univers star wars beanz and heaps of mighty beanz from like 2002 and 2003 and stuff and color changing beanz and glow in the dark beanz and a fair bit of clear mighty beanz and im only a kid lol

  • Claudine Malyon says:

    I have a few (6, and 2 are doubles), but mine are silver, is that common?

  • Peggy Mahoney says:

    Just bought a whole case full of series 2 beans will sale peggy11081@gmail.com

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