Micro Icons – Mexican Wrestlers
Press Conference Stage
1.75 Inch Scale
By: X-Concepts
$7.99 (price varies)

A few years ago the success of the “Homies” franchise led to lots of toy companies jumping in and creating their own little stylized micro rubber figures. One of them was X-Concepts, the company that makes Tech Deck, Modifiers and a few other brands. They launched their Micro Icons line, which had a bunch of sub genres like Mexican Wrestlers, Kung Fu and Bikers. The lines must not have done that well, as the luchadores only got one wave. However they did release this nifty press conference stage, which is what I’ll be looking at today.

The packaging is a hard plastic clamshell with the one included figure and the base totally visible. I should note that the figure is supposed to be standing up inside, but since I bought this online, he must have shuffled loose during shipping. The package is colorful and I dig the Mexican flag pattern in the background. The clamshell is supposed to keep the stuff safe, but as you can see, the figure shook loose. So it’s just an annoying package.

The first thing that will pop out to most wrestling fans is that Ultimo Dragon is clearly pictured on the front of the package. I did some research, but it appears that Micro Icons didn’t work out any deals to use his likeness and it’s just supposed to be a generic luchador. Even though, clearly, it’s not. The other two don’t look as recognizable to me, but maybe they’re Mexican wrestlers as well.

There are 12 actual wrestler figures and none of them look the artwork. One might could be the Ultimo Dragon design, but the colors are so drastically different that I don’t think it’s supposed to be him. The back does do a good job of showing off all the sets available, though. Odd that it doesn’t advertise some of Micro Icons other properties.

There are really a few things to look at from the sculpt and paint standpoint, since this is an accessory playset.

The figure is like a commissioner or as they call them these days, general manager. The sculpting on him isn’t bad, and the paint work isn’t terrible either. When you consider this guy is under 2 inches tall. If anything, he seems a bit boring to me.

The sculpting on the microphone stand is a bit rougher, but it still manages to look really good all things considered. The set would be worthless without this microphone stand in my view. It’s sort of the selling point.

The backdrop is okay, but sort of generic. However the whole set shines when you put in some micro Ring Starz or some other mini figures. I suspect this would make a good press conference stage for M.U.S.C.L.E. figures as well.

The one gimmick that the figures have is a magnet on their feet. I honestly have no clue what the purpose of that is, beyond sticking them onto your refrigerator. I have no idea why you’d want to do that. The base of the set isn’t metal or magnetic, so there’s really no functionality with what’s included.

“Size doesn’t matter!”

The figure is sort of middle of the road in terms of scale, but I’m sure you can sneak them into some other mini figure displays if you want some lucha action.

The figure isn’t articulated at all.

The set is three pieces. The figure, the stand and the backdrop area.

I do like that the mic stand can be removed because it’s a separate piece. This means you can use this stage area for other stuff if you wanted.

It can also be a weapon!

At $6-$10 these guys aren’t really worth it to me. You’d have to want this for a specific purpose. I suppose the only consolation is that these figures are easy to complete the collection. With only 12 figures, there isn’t much of a need to collect this line. The luchadores are uninspired and I think that’s part of the reason these guys didn’t sell.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 4
Sculpting – 4
Paint – 8
Articulation – N/A
Accessories – Mic Stand
Value – 4
Overall – 4 out of 10

I scored this thing pretty low. The figure is sort of just there and if I didn’t have other mini wrestlers that I can use this with, it’d be sort of without a purpose. The set itself isn’t terrible, but I have no real idea why anyone would necessarily want it either. This is one of those products that’s just out there, but I’m not sure why. If you’re into miniature figures, you might have a use for this.

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