Mickey Mouse

Mickey’s Christmas Carol
Ghosts of Christmas: Past, Present & Future
5 Inch Scale
By: Memory Lane
$19.99 (Back in the day)
My final review for the Toy Review Advent Calendar is a real doozy as it’s three figures in one set! And not only are these three different figures, but each figure is of a character playing another character! We’re getting into real “dude playin’ the dude, disguised as another dude” territory today.

I mentioned a few years ago in my Uncle Scrooge Review that as a youngster, I was blessed with a “taped off TV” VHS tape of Mickey’s Christmas Carol. This was the version that aired on ABC and had the little opening sequence with extra Disney Christmas cartoons on it. It was an annual tradition to watch that worn out old tape in my household, and I still have the tape to this day. Sadly it doesn’t play as well (plus my VCR is buried under other things I don’t use anymore) so I have to settle for the abridged DVD version.

Even so, I love Mickey’s Christmas Carol and was elated to get the whole collection of figures a few years ago. I’ve reviewed pretty much everyone here on the website, except for the Ghosts of Christmas. At least until now! The Ghosts of Christmas set came out shortly after the figures and was the only “deluxe” set put out by Memory Lane. It included all three ghosts (past, present and future) as well as a smattering of accessories.

As with all the Mickey’s Christmas Carol figures, this is a top notch set that makes me miss not only my childhood, but the days when toys like this could be readily bought on the shelves.

Unlike the rest of the figures which came on standard blister cards, the Ghosts come in their own window box. It’s a rather large box and no doubt took up a fair amount of shelf space in retail stores.

It follows the same color scheme as the figures and has a nice little blurb about the toys on the back. I like the use of stills from the actual cartoon and it’s nice to hear not only about the Christmas Carol itself, but the Disney characters that inspired this particular incarnation.


Each of these figures has unique sculpting and paint work, so I suggest we go through them in the order in which they appear.

First up is Jiminy Cricket, perfectly recreated as the Ghost of Christmas Past. Jiminy Cricket wasn’t any different here than he had been in other incarnations, but Memory Lane did a nice job with their sculpt and paint on him. He’s easily the most delicate of the three figures (more on that in a bit), but he’s nicely done.

Next up is Willie the Giant as the Ghost of Christmas Present. He was one of my favorites in the Disney version of A Christmas Carol.

He has a great sculpt, with a removable wreath on his head and soft good robe.

Underneath his robe is a fully sculpted and painted body. He even has a giant cameltoe! Which is quite scary, actually.

Finally we have Pete as the Ghost of Christmas Future. He is easily the best of the bunch and sort of steals the show. He has a nice soft goods cloak, with removable top half.

Underneath he also has a fully sculpted and painted body. With these figures wearing robes, it could have been very easy for them to cheap out and not do much, but instead they went the extra mile.

The scale is impressive, with Pete being quite big and Willie just being downright massive. Jiminy is a bit bigger than he is supposed to be, but it would be impossible to do him in proper scale and still have it be an action figure. I’m quite happy with his size.

The articulation is surprisingly good on all these figures, with lots of swivels and hinges. You’re able to do way more with these guys than you would expect.

Pete and Willie have hinges at the elbows, whilst Jiminy does not. Pete is the most articulated, featuring swivels at the wrists, feet and head. Along with hinges at the arms, legs and elbows.

Willie is fairly articulated as well, but he is the only one without swivels at the wrists.

Jiminy Cricket has swivels at the arm, neck, collar, wrists and hinges at the legs. Unfortunately, perhaps due to age, the glue on mine came apart and the figure more or less exploded. I suspect at least a little bit of this had to do with the cold weather and the fact that I never moved him until now. Still something to be on the lookout for, I suppose. Some super glue should fix him up.

Each figure comes with a couple of accessories and they’re all pretty good.

Jiminy Cricket has one of the neatest accessories, as he comes with his official ghost badge. It’s tiny, but he’s actually able to hold it… When he’s not exploded.

He also comes with his umbrella and the alarm clock that Scrooge sees. Obviously it’s not all perfectly to scale (since Jiminy is so small in the cartoon) but it’s nice regardless.

Willie comes with one of the Christmas feast suckling pigs. It’s nicely sculpted and painted. I do wish he had come with his street lamp flashlight, but I guess that might be asking for too much.

Pete comes with his removable cigar. This is nice because he can hold it in his hand or it can be popped into his mouth where it fits perfectly. It’s a really nice piece.

Of course no Ghost of Christmas Future would be complete without Scrooge’s tombstone. This is a nice piece as well, made of a thick plastic and has some dry brushing on both sides.

This set originally ran about $20, which was a great value at the time. These days you can expect to pay $30-$40 for the set, which is still a pretty good value for all you get. Each of these figures is excellent in it’s own right and despite the breakage, I am very happy to have these. I suspect that was a one off instance and not evident of a larger problem.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 10
Paint – 9
Articulation – 7
Accessories – Clock, Badge, Wreath, Pig, Tombstone, Cigar, Umbrella
Value – 9
Overall – 8 out of 10

I’m knocking this down to an 8 out 10, if only because I experienced the breakage with Jiminy Cricket. I would have probably bumped this set up to a 9 or maybe even a 10 if not for that. It’s definitely worth getting if you’re into these characters and frankly, Pete alone is worth a good $15 or so. If you like Mickey’s Christmas Carol, these are a great set to own.

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