When you follow Hollywood as closely as I do, (hey it’s in the site’s name) there are two phrases you don’t want to hear concerning any upcoming movie release. The first is “pushed back” because it means that there is either problems with the filming, or that you’re going to have to wait longer. That however, can sometimes fix a movie. The other phrase is… Michael Bay. When Bay gets his name attached to something, there is no chance of any improvement.

So get ready for exploding Turtles! That’s right, Michael Bay has weaseled his way into the TMNT. The upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles remake that was being spearheaded by Galen Walker and Scott Mednick, two guys who respected the property and had a clear vision, have been pushed aside and Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes people have been put in charge. Reportedly Walker and Mednick will stay on in some capacity, but a lot of the goodwill and hope that I had for this movie just went out the window.

The one thing Bay does bring is financing. Michael Bay knows blockbuster. Unfortunately Bay also brings with him a total lack of respect for the characters (assuming he uses the same philosophy he used on Transformers) and plenty of explosions. Oh and then it’s also possible that at least one of the Turtles will now be a jive-talking racial caricature. Hey, that’s trendy, right?

Thankfully Bay is only producing and not directing and there is a little hope with the other producers still involved that this might not turn into a total disaster. I’ll remain hopeful, but I’m not going to be optimistic. Bay is a power player in Hollywood, which means that once his name is on something he’s going to change things to his liking whether he’s behind the camera or not.

At least there is one positive, we now know that Megan Fox won’t get cast as April O’Neil.

2 Responses to Michael Bay to Produce TMNT and Explosions

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    Michael Bay will probably cast the next Megan Fox as April or some nameless airhead who takes over the movie with her boyfriend. This man destroyed any street cred Transformers fans had hoped for the robots. I'm sure he'll foul up things up with the Turtles and might probably start by blowing up the sewers with Splinter in it. LOL!

  • Oh man, that's a scary thought.

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