What could be cooler than Zombie Ninjas? Well that’s what Mezco is asking with their new Halloween appropriate Mez-Itz. The Mez-Itz line continues to expand and grow and these new ThinkGeek.com exclusives seem to fit right in. Check out the press release:

New York- The Ninja are legendary for their prowess in the ancient and deadly art of assassination. Practicing their mysterious and deadly ways since the 14th century it has often been said that they are the perfect killing machines…until now.

How does one make the world’s most fearsome killers even more deadly?

Make them zombies!

Think Geek has joined forces with Mezco Toyz to create the deadliest, and cutest, assassins the world has ever seen…Zombie Ninja Mez-Itz.Standing six inches tall and featuring five points of articulation, each Zombie Ninja comes with his own katana.

Zombie Ninja Mez-itz are available exclusively at Think Geek

Order at Think Geek

“Noumiso… noumiso!”

These seem like they’d go great side by side with some Mez-Itz vinyl Hellboy figures. Even more undead ninja goodness coming your way from the demented minds at Mezco.

2 Responses to Mezco Zombie Ninjas – The Silent Undead Killers… Now A Think Geek Exclusive!

  • crazylikeafox11 says:

    So where these actually released yesterday and have sold out or have they not yet gone up for sale?

  • I can only assume that although Mezco sent out the press releases advertising them, ThinkGeek isn't just yet taking orders. Might be better to email ThinkGeek on the matter, though. Seems like they were primed to be released yesterday.

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