I need this.

It’s Mezco’s SDCC exclusive. Hellboy with the Golden Army soldier. At $30 a pop, I won’t be able to army build like I’d like too. In fact I don’t even know if I’ll be able to score this guy. There is so much good stuff coming out this summer that I need. SDCC is bringing Doctor Who exclusives, Marvel exclusives and some Mattel exclusives I’d like to get my hands on. MOTUC figures costing what they do, it limits what all I can buy.

Still this one looks like a winner and Mezco always does a good job of bringing the good when it comes to exclusives. This is one I’d love to review. From the official site:

The Golden Army Soldier stands approximately 7 inches tall (in scale next to the other figures in the 3.75inch series) and features eight points of articulation. He comes packaged with a 3.75inch Hellboy, who comes complete with a base, and his legendary sidearm, the Samaritan. Ships in Late July 2009.

Needless to say, I definitely want this. And so much other stuff. SDCC is shaping up to be a burden and pleasure all at the same time.

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