Incredibly after nearly 80-some odd years, someone has found and restored a complete copy of the sci-fi epic, Metropolis. Well, at least it used to be a sci-fi epic. The belief is that now a lot of the sci-fi elements will be put moreso into their place as more reference on the film has been unearthed. Due to be released to DVD probably later this year, the film was located in Buenos Aires. This will add around 25 minutes to the feature length of the film giving it the full runtime of well over two hours.

Incredibly this apparently reveals a lot of new details about characters and unveils some more secrets of the story. Fascinating discovery and sounds like something that any sci-fi buff worth his salt will want to track down when it’s released. This also gives hope that perhaps other films will continue to be found, like London After Midnight and maybe the lost episodes of Doctor Who! They’ve also uncovered three other films that were thought to be lost in Argentina. Read the full fascinating story at NYTimes.

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  • clark says:

    That's pretty awesome. I saw that movie for the first time only about six months ago. I found it was pretty cool but also thought that it is a shame that I'll never get to see that movie the way it was originally supposed to be, but if they really found a copy that has all the lost footage then that is pretty incredible.

  • Yeah pretty incredible. It was all a timing thing. Hopefully they put together a really nice DVD set.

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