This weekend was the annual Mego Museum’s Mego Meet. I’ve been to a couple of these and this was the last year that it was going to be anywhere close by, so I decided to make the trek out to Skokie, Illinois for another year of Mego adventure. If you’ve never been to Mego Meet, it’s quite a bit different than other “toy conventions” and that could be strange to some people. Let me first say that the folks who run Mego Meet are very nice, they’re clearly not in it to make a buck or rip you off, and are very welcoming, but it’s worth noting that newbies might feel a little out of place at first.

That’s partially because Mego Meet is less a typical toy convention and more of a “meet up” (hence the name) of the Mego Museum forum members. That’s at least how it started and ultimately, the roots are still very much in that concept. That doesn’t mean outsiders aren’t welcome, they’re definitely encouraged. But Mego Meet doesn’t really advertise outside of the Mego niche (personally I think that’s a mistake) and when you get there you may find it a bit strange as most everyone sort of knows each other. As someone who doesn’t really socialize with the “real” people on the forums, it’s different. Almost like stumbling into someone else’s family reunion. I recall my first year having a bit of a run around because people kept directing me to other people as if I knew who those other people were.

3D toy printing process.

Again, that’s not a complaint it’s just a forewarning to someone who might be off-put by that to give Mego Meet a chance. Inside there are a handful of dealers rooms with a variety of toys. Yes, the vast majority is Mego and the modern FTC Mego-like figures, but there are a fair amount of retro toys of all shapes and sizes. From vintage GI Joe to modern Lego, there’s probably something here for everyone. The other great thing about Mego Meet is that you can bring your spouse and kids for free. That may not seem like a big deal, but the folks that run Mego Meet are keenly aware that budgets can be tight and having to pay extra for someone who may just be brought along for the ride, could be a deal breaker.

Art Baltazar was on hand mingling and showing off his custom Mego collection. His Aw Yeah Comics helped sponsor the show.

Mego Meet does have a couple of panels, but they’re not quite like the larger convention panels. Most years “Doc Mego” participates in at least one, but with EMCE toys not producing much these days it’s less exciting than the days when they were behind Mattel’s Retro-Action line. Nonetheless, while I think Mego Meet could try and bring in some more “stars” whether it’s creators of indy comics (DC’s Art Baltazar is almost always in attendance and is a swell guy) or some of the other toy companies, you can’t blame them too much for not trying to fix something that isn’t broke. I just can’t help but think of the growth of JoeLanta and could see Mego Meet growing a bit bigger. I’m always baffled that a representative from FTC isn’t there, although they do send in door prizes. Even without some of the glitz and glamor of other cons, Mego Meet does have a customs auction, door prizes and a little bit of cosplay.

Each year Mego Meet has an “official” exclusive, along with some other custom exclusives that people make. I wasn’t interested in the exclusive this year, as it was from Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, a property I have no connection to. However I did buy last year’s exclusive, an incredible Knight of Darkness figure perfectly recreated in 8 inch Mego scale. Another really cool figure that was exclusive to the event this year was a custom Mego Jet Jaguar. I wanted one, but with a price tag of $80, he was just a bit too rich for my blood.

For those who are really close with other members of the Mego Museum forums, Mego Meet is a once a year opportunity to catch up with old friends, share stories of the “good old days” and talk shop with likeminded brethren. There’s a Mego Suite where the party continues after the convention and many people go out to eat together and strengthen their toy bonds. I’ll confess that was often my favorite part of C2E2, meeting up with the guys from Planned Banter and having our annual chance to catch up and talk nerdy goodness. For the casual fan, Mego Meet may not offer quite the same camaraderie but it’s a great opportunity to meet the most devout in the 8″ Mego genre and find out what’s next, see some amazing customs and purchase some classic and rare toys.

If you haven’t ever been to a Mego Meet, I definitely recommend checking it out.

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  • Bobby Horne says:

    Hey Newton! — Nice review as always. I have never made it to a MM. The drive has always been too far. But with the change of location next, well maybe. BTW, I produced the vinyl decals that were used on the ElectroWoman and DynaGirl figures.

    • Newton says:

      That’s great to hear, the customs looked great and those decails definitely added to it. MM is definitely cool and I really appreciate the warmth and comradeship those folks have.

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