So apparently Megan Fox is not a draw. This past weekend her heavily hyped movie “Jennifer’s Body” managed to open 5th at the box office. That might seem like a non news worthy tidbit, but consider this, the weekend was pretty terrible all around with few openings of any substance. A kids movie opened and grabbed #1, but most of the rest of the weekend draws were two or three weeks old. Megan Fox’s new film should have grabbed third at the very worst.

The movie pulled in about $7 million which isn’t terrible, but considering it cost $16 million to make it’s doubtful the film will be terribly profitable. That doesn’t mean it won’t make money though, probably by the time DVD is factored in I could see it pulling $18-20 million total. I wouldn’t expect a sequel though.

I guess this is interesting to me for a couple of reasons: 1. This movie was heavily advertised. I know it was heavily advertised because I saw no less than 12 commercials for it and I never watch commercials but still managed to catch a dozen or so. Conversely I saw about 3 commercials for GI Joe, which goes to show you how heavily saturated this movie’s advertising was. 2. The ads actually looked kind of interesting with Megan Fox playing a vampire? Alien? Succubus? That was killing people and having lesbian makeouts. Seemed like it should have drawn a decent crowd (then again Halloween 2 just bombed too so maybe people are tired of horror flicks?) and finally, 3. Megan Fox was being touted as the next “it” girl.

Personally I never got the love for Megan Fox. I believe I wrote about it this past summer, but I never really knew what people saw in her. For a few months there she was being touted as the hottest girl in the universe. Of course this is the internet, so now Megan Fox is despised, because anytime someone gets popular the internet public eventually sours on them and hates them, see also: Rogen, Seth and Tequila, Tila. I don’t hate Megan Fox, I feel the same about her as I did then, she doesn’t register on my radar one way or the other.

Still I find the failure of the movie to be quite a surprise. The studio probably should have released it in October to try to get some Halloween hype. Then again, why wasn’t Halloween 2 also released during October? I have no idea. Anyway Megan Fox apparently is not the big star she and everyone else thought she was. Hopefully her lack of star power won’t sink Jonah Hex, because that movie already has a lot working against it.

Tomorrow… More toy stuff! Huzzah. As Craig Kilborn used to say… Actually I have no idea what Craig Kilborn used to say, I hated that guy.

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