Does this guy look like the Shredder to you? Well, not really me either. However when I was a kid I used this guy as the Shredder. At least until the Movie Star Shredder came out. In fact this old Remco figure’s head ended up placed on my cousin’s decapitated Shredder figure. He is wearing a helmet and has matching colors. That’s close enough right?

Say what?

Yeah when I was a kid I couldn’t find a Shredder figure for nothing. Baxer Stockman took the charge as de facto leader of the Foot Clan in my playings as a kid, but my cousin had the elusive Shred-head. So anytime we met up, he always brought his Shredder. At some point though, my cousin ripped his Shredder’s soft rubber head off and did like all good kids do… Lost it.

That didn’t detour me any. I made sure that my cousin brought his Shredder figure’s body with him when we met up to play. Sure enough I used this old Remco head and shoved it on there. Shredder was REBORN! He then promptly got his ass kicked by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Hilariously I would take the head back after play. Which meant that the only time my cousin and I would have a Shredder was when we met up and recombined these two pieces. Good times. Hey it wasn’t perfect, but it sure beat Baxter Stockman!

5 Responses to Meet The Shredder Circa My Youth

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    A Shredder Combiner! LOL. The best of both worlds, Turtles and Transformers. Thank goodness for those old Remco knock-off lines. Great story, Newt. You should collect them in trade form someday!

  • Yeah those old Knock-off guys were a big part of my collection as a kid. Some of them go for big bucks now on Ebay. I was just glad to find a picture of the guy. I doubt anyone else ever used him as Shredder, much less used his head on the real Shredder's body but it worked for me!

    It was a pain in the butt to get my cousin to bring his Shredder's body with him, but man I would not be denied a chance to actually have my Turtles fight the Shredder! Even if he was only 3/4s the real thing.

  • Wes says:

    Hah, cool! I used Fisto as my Shredder — complete with armor made of felt and toothpicks — until I got an actual Shredder figure, which I ultimately covered in sparkly red fabric a la the movie version. I also made my own Shredder helmet out of aluminum foil. 🙂

  • Nice! I never went that far, but I did give the Remco guy a cape when he was without Shredder's body.

  • ColdFusion says:

    I was never able to get a regular Shredder either, for the longest time Chrome Dome stood in for him. It’s funny how we make those little mental adjustments

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