It’s been a while since I did one of these “Randomness” posts, so I figured the new year was as good of a place as any. These are just random site updates and brain farts that are bouncin’ around in my head. Let’s see what we have this time around.

– We’ve got a new writer here at Infinite Hollywood, Mr. Jeremy W. Kaufmann, who you’ve likely seen at CollectionDX and other places. I’m personally hoping that the new blood will help us continue to grow into the new year and beyond. Try not to give him too much grief about his polyamorous relationship with one woman and four disembodied brains in robot bodies. We welcome all kinds here.

– On that note, I’d like to maybe pick up two or so more writers. If we could keep the content level steady and quality level high, I think this place could really take off. So drop me a line if you’re interested in writing and have no interest in being paid for it.

– Speaking of housekeeping issues, I’d still like a mascot of some sort. Right now all I have is Octo Joe, the little horrible creature you see above. I’m not sure he’s exactly what I’m looking for. I do like his wide variety of costumes, though. If you’re a talented graphic design person and want to offer your services, also drop me a line at NewtonGimmick AT and we’ll see what we can work out!

– The holidays came too fast this year. Am I alone in feeling this way? I know people say that every year, but this season really seemed the fastest in recent memory. I haven’t taken down my Christmas tree, nor have I even come up with my New Year’s resolution yet!

– I’m not really buying into this whole “end of days” nonsense with the dead birds and crap, but man if it is, this blog will have turned out to be a gigantic waste of time, no?

– Speaking of stuff I’d like to do before the world ends, I’ve been thinking a lot about getting my own toy line up and running. Nothing fancy, but a short run, fun concept, couple figures total to build a small collection would be a dream come true. I don’t think it would be too hard, but I’ve never gotten much past the planning stages. Hopefully by summer I can start to get something concrete in place.

– I have a buttload of toy reviews to get to. In fact I have toys from over 6 months ago that I’ve been meaning to review and just haven’t found the time. Would you guys like briefer reviews? Sometimes I feel like I ramble too much in these things. More pictures? Less talk? Less of both? More of either? Same as ever? Let your voice be heard… Before it’s too late. Some birds and fish died!

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