Infantry Sperm Whale
3.5 Inch scale
By: Deep Fried Figures

Back in 2009, I had a great interview with Hauke Scheer about his interesting designs and how he was working towards creating action figures. I knew back then that Hauke was onto big things and since that time, he’s developed a ton of fun resin creations that are unlike anything else on the market. Now with MechaWhales, Hauke has a brand new toy available for purchase and it’s definitely an action figure.


Made of PVC, this figure is the first poseable toy from Hauke’s Deep Fried Figures line. The story is that in the future, whales will learn to communicate with humans, eventually leading to whales and mankind teaming up to fight off an alien invasion. Of course, these aren’t your daddy’s whales, they’re whales in biomech armor suits. It’s certainly an “out there” concept, but that’s been one of the staples of Hauke’s creations. Nobody is making toys on the market like this today.


Immediately when I saw this guy, I thought of Battle Beasts. In a lot of ways, this MechaWhale figure is sort of like a giant Battle Beast. Let’s take a look at this “Infantry” whale figure, but first, why not take a peak at the MechaWhales cartoon that Hauke created for this toy line…

The packaging is a nice window box, typical of designer vinyl figures. It’s a bit plain, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. The back of the package gives the run down on the story of the MechaWhales, which is very important.

The package has a nice plastic shell which opens and is completely resealable. That’s always a plus. Likewise, the inside comes with a fold out diorama that you can use to display the figure. It’s got some great detail and features some of the artwork from the MechaWhales story and cartoon.


It’s little things like this that add to a toy such as this one.


All of Hauke’s figures are amazing sculpted and this one is no exception. The whale itself definitely looks and feels like a whale, while the robotic suit has all the staples of this sort of design. Again, if you grew up in the 80’s, you’ll likely think of Battle Beasts.

There is a ton of detail, with every little section of the figure having something sculpted on it. I’m really glad that this is Hauke’s first action figure, as I think this design translates to a toy a bit better than some of the other stuff. Of course, it still has all the amazing intricacy that you would expect from him.

The contrast between organic and mechanical is always a fun concept and it’s something that’s a hallmark of Scheer’s work. There’s plenty of that going on here and all the little missiles and stuff that are part of the armor really make it stand out. It’s a shame those missiles don’t detach.

The paint work is top notch, with every little gear or part being painted. Of course, a lot of this figure is only one or two tone, so there’s not as much to paint. There’s a nice “battle” wash on the armor itself, showing that this MechaWhale has been out in the field. Assuming this is the one featured in the cartoon, he’s seen a fair amount of action.

While I mentioned that this guy was a lot like a Battle Beast, he’s not articulated like one. Unlike a lot of designer vinyl pieces, this guy actually has several points of articulation. Both arms can move at the shoulders, as can his wrists and tail. The tail on mine is hard to budge.


Of course it would be nice if the elbows had hinges (as they look like they do in the design) and the ability to swivel out at the shoulders would increase play value. But this really isn’t a toy to be played with, so it’s less of an issue. The fact that Hauke is finally able to articulate his creations at all, is a big victory, in my view.



Sadly the MechaWhale doesn’t come with any extra guns or anything. Hopefully if this one is a success, the future figures in the line can be made… Including the Killer Whale with four arms and ninja swords! As is, I found that you could fit some guns into his hands no problem.


The price point is going to be a deal breaker for a lot of people as $45 is a fair amount to pay for a figure of any kind. Of course, if you’re into the designer vinyl market, you know this is actually not a bad price at all. Dunnys and a lot of other oddball stuff can run two to three times as much. As an “action figure” he’s a bit more pricey, but there’s nothing else out there on the market quite like this and all in all, considering the low production run on this, it’s not a bad deal.

I think he makes a fun addition to battle my Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles. He could be used in all sorts of lines, truth be told. I was lucky that Hauke was able to send one over for me to check out, because it’s quite nice. Frankly while the price isn’t the cheapest, he’s worked very hard to get them down to this price point. He’s not a big company like Mattel.

Final Thoughts:
If you get a chance to pick this guy up, you should. Hauke is one of the good guys, slowly building up his brand and bringing, completely new and creative toys to the market. You can buy this figure at Big Bad Toy Store as well as some of the previous figures that I reviewed here like Callamor.

I mentioned in my FishFace Review that I was thinking of having him be his own alien race of fish that had come down to the planet to take it over. I think this MechaWhale fits right in as some sort of leader. It’s just one of the many things you can do with these creative toys.


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