In an interesting turn of events, Mattel just lost it’s Max Steel star to Hasbro. In order to appear in Universal’s upcoming Stretch Armstrong movie, Taylor Lautner (Twilight) has dropped out of Paramount’s Max Steel. Shortly after the announcement that Lautner was playing Max Steel, Brian Goldner (Hasbro’s CEO) saw him on Saturday Night Live. Lautner and Hasbro are both represented by WME Entertainment, so reports say Goldner contacted WME about possibly casting Lautner in Stretch Armstrong. To start with Lautner was looking to do both movies, but he felt Hasbro was working faster than Mattel (which owns the Max Steel rights) and decided to go with just the one film.

Obviously Max Steel seems like an odd property for Mattel to try and make a movie out of as I mentioned back Back in December, when Lautner first signed on for the role. It’s not that Max Steel couldn’t work, but it was a bit out there for Mattel. Sadly this probably derails this movie pretty big and any Big Jim follow ups.

Meanwhile Stretch Armstrong makes a lot more sense, given that it’s a brand name that most people know. Even if you don’t directly know the toy, you know the idea. Mattel hasn’t proven very good with it’s toy-to-movie properties but Hasbro has been on the ball with this as of late. I expect Stretch Armstrong to be stretching his way into theaters a lot sooner than Max Steel ever does and obviously Lautner thought so too.

The fact that an actor would leave one starring role for another that he got several months later shows just how different the Mattel and Hasbro movie teams apparently are. It seems Mattel can’t ever get past the planning stages, while Hasbro gets films made.

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  • kid nicky says:

    That's kind of how Mattel and Hasbro work with toys,too. There's tons of great Transformer,Star Wars,Marvel, and G.I. Joe merchandise at your local store,but DC comics figures are just cool pictures online,they don't exist in the real world. I suppose I don't even have to mention MOTUC and Ghostbusters.

    OT but who is that Ninja Turtle at the top of the page?

  • I'm not sure which Turtle that is supposed to be. Part of the problem with the red masks is it's impossible to tell, lol. If I had to venture a guess I'd say it's Mike. He's the only one I know of that has been regularly depicted with Tonfas as an alternate weapon.

    Sadly you're right to an extent about Mattel's products. There are whole waves of DCUC I've only ever seen in pictures.

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