Contrary to popular belief, I don’t enjoy bagging on Mattel. Part of the reason I hit on Mattel’s idiocy so hard is because I love so many of their products. The website should be a godsend to so many hardcore collectors out there and in many ways it is. Yet, month after month I find myself shaking my head in disbelief that this company still has so many issues getting it.

By all accounts yesterday’s on sale date was the WORST in MattyCollector history. That’s saying something in itself. Things got off to a rocky start this week when literally a day before it was supposed to go on sale, Matty mentioned on Facebook that the Retro Action DC Green Arrow wouldn’t be on sale.

Then today the site unveiled it’s list of on sale items, the most in the site’s history. What happens? Reportedly longer wait times than in recent months, tons of new bugs and errors that prevented people from getting in, or when they got in, checking out. To cap it all off, the re-issue of Skeletor sold out in under an hour.

Skeletor selling out might seem like business as usual, but the fact that he sold out while so many people were actually trying to check out with him in their cart but couldn’t, because of errors on Mattel’s end, really seems like salt in the wounds. My personal worst month with Matty was a few months back when for no apparent reason they canceled my “Club Eternia” membership. Despite claiming that no one’s Club Eternia membership was ever canceled, it still remains canceled. All hell will break loose if they cancel my 2010 Club Eternia membership since that’s the only way to get Wun-Dar.

I find it amazing that this time last year worked and worked well. He-Man had been on sale for a couple of weeks and I managed to pick up a second He-Man around this time because I had decided to give my original purchased one to my brother. From that point on, around the end of December the site just got nuts with quick sell outs, slow load times and errors. Now we’re more than a year in and the site actually seems to get worse as months go by instead of better.

For what it’s worth, I missed out on Skeletor. I had the original Skeletor but I was going to pick up the re-issue since he was supposed to be improved. I got onto the site a couple hours late though, so while I was shocked that ol’ bone head was sold out already, I knew I stood that risk. The poor people who saw him sell out while having him in their carts are the ones I feel sorry for.

So you braved the red screen of death, you waited with errors and you finally got your order through… But did you get your Skeletor? Vote in the poll below and let me know how your Matty experience was this month.

Was December 15th your worst Experiance?

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