So today was Mattel’s big SDCC on sale date for their exclusives through MattyCollector. I ended up with Voltron and Queen Marlena. It took me about 15-18 minutes total, which is pretty long but I also didn’t try any funny business. Normally I force my way onto the site, but I didn’t “have to have” anything so I just let Mattel’s manual system refresh. Plus it took me a couple seconds extra because I had to empty my cart out of old subscriptions.

I really wanted Swamp Thing. It was the first item I truly committed to, but as more reviews and photos have come in I decided to pass on him. Not only is he gigantic, the rubbery flesh is already starting to come apart for some people. I love, LOVE Swamp Thing, but the new Mattel figure doesn’t have much better articulation than the old Kenner figures. $30 for a figure that probably won’t last a year with this weather, I think I’ll just stick with my Kenners.

I’m not sure why I bought Queen Marlena, other than I already have Randor. I’ve skipped a lot of MOTUC this year and I’m still on the fence about any subscriptions. After my previous rant about Mattel overcharging on the subs, I just can’t commit to anything anymore. The subscriptions are becoming a hassle I think. Plus Shadow Weaver doesn’t really excite me, because I might end up forced to buy a lot of stuff I don’t want… Including the Wind Raider.

Why buy Voltron? Well, originally I wanted the Voltron sub and the 2 foot figure… But after giving it some thought, I realized that this smaller figure is the better deal. He’s much more poseable, comes with the swords and I can probably find some monsters in scale for him to fight. Mattel has not committed to making any large scale monsters for the subscription Voltron… So what good is he to me? All the early reviews say the SDCC figure is excellent, as well. Plus it’ll go well with my Galactic Gale Baxinger and other GN U DOUs.

As of this writing, only Stay Puft and the MOTU Polly Pockets are sold out. I guess those are surprises, but I’m not too shocked with either. I would suspect that the runs were much smaller for those items. The Polly Pockets were a test and Stay Puft is a high price point item. I had little to no interest in either, so it’s no big deal. If you’re still thinking of ordering anything else, now is the time. The website has no slowdown or white screens of death, at the moment, so the rush is over.

Perhaps the biggest surprise for today was a last minute decision by Mattel to take down the “All Star” sale figures. This happened just before the SDCC sale. You could buy them earlier in the day, but they stopped them from going on sale with the SDCC stuff. Maybe Mattel is making money on shipping, because this is the same shell game we’ve seen from them since the beginning with MattyCollector. They do everything in their absolute power to avoid you combining multiple items for shipping. I’ll give Mattel the benefit of the doubt and say they do this because of using different warehouses or something, but it’s still really, really lame.

So what did you pick up? Anything? Let us know about your experiences and thoughts on today’s big sale!

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    I got Swamp Thing and Queen Marlena at comic con. I thought I was set but I'm kicking myself for not getting that Voltron figure. If they last until payday this Friday I'm probably going to fork over the cash and pay the extra $20 for the tax and shipping (even though it will hurt to do so). The sub is too much for me

  • wesitron says:

    I picked up Swamp Thing and Kilowog. It was actually a lot better than I feared. Worse than I'd hoped, since I hadn't bought a figure from there for so long that I figured the site might be fixed. But still, could have been worse. I thought about Voltron, but the value is killing me. Why is a 9-10 inch figure like Kilowog only 25 bucks and a 6-inch figure 30? Hell, Swamp Thing is HUGE and he's only 30. I dunno, but he is still tempting. As much as the 2-foot beast teases me, the new self-transformation videos are making me lean away from it. But who knows, maybe I'll be surprised and it'll be the sheezy!

  • The new transformation videos make the big Voltron cats look like Happy Meal toys with silly spring gimmicks. I assume they really can't be posed much at all. Which doesn't inspire me much. I was down until I saw those videos, oddly enough.

    I wanted Swamp Thing, but with all the bad reports already coming out, I just can't do it. At least I know the $30 Voltron is poseable and will be here in a year. I'm afraid Swamp Thing is gonna be a buck with 3/4 of a Swamp shirt on.

  • wesitron says:

    Same here for Voltron. I had pretty much convinced myself that I could part with that much cheddar so long as it was for great toys, but I was thinking like Battlecat-level swivel hinges and such. Now I'm thinking they're more like those 15 dollar GI JOE Bravo figures with the small vehicles, but the figure is an extra 15 on top of the 35. That's a tough pill, man.

    All I can do is hope for Swamp Thing. You'd think with having Barbie under their belt for 50 years this would be a walk in the park for them. Guess a review is in order 🙂

  • stack32 says:

    I think I would have bought a Marlena just to make me feel better about the shipping on the All Star Hordak I've been wanting to buy, but taking them down the All Stars blew that idea. Now I think I might go buy a Scarabus instead.

  • clark says:

    I skipped them all. For some reason there just wasn't much that came from this year's SDCC that I found all that interesting. Out of all the figures available, I would definitely like a Voltron, but he would end up being about $44 with shipping and tax which I can't justify, especially when take into account that I could have picked up the Toynami masterpiece Voltron for $60 just a couple of short years ago.

  • grudenthediva says:

    I bought one Stay Puft and got a huge laugh out of seeing the scalper trolls have the gall to brag about buying six (and one Trollface lookalike shrew bought six each of many sale items, then went whoring her ebay page for the rest of the afternoon).

    Seriously, I get that their short term profits make them sleep better at night but if you're banking your entire life on selling toys like that, its sad. Eventually all of those high-value scalper toys plummet (Starting Lineups and Holiday Barbie, anyone?).

  • Yeah I don't get the scalping and bragging about it. I assume some of it is just general internet dickery, but the ones who are legit? Seems odd.

    There was a guy on some forums a while back who exploited a secret stash of NECA TMNT and it really sucked. People were trying to hook legit fans up with hard to find figures for agreat price and he just used it to his advantage, bought them all up and quadrupled the price.

    He should have been boiled in his own pudding!

  • The All Stars thing sucks, because I wanted to pick up a couple Ghostbusters and wanted to throw them in while I was already buying some stuff, but NOOOOO… So I ended up with Marlena instead.

  • True on the Voltrons. There have been just as good if not better for around the same price, but this one is a little less and kinda good, so we'll see. I don't know if I'll love it or not.

    I felt the same way in general about the SDCC exclusives this year. The only one I HAD to have was Swamp Thing, until I found out more about him. Once more details came out, it was like, "nah, this isn't the Swamp Thing I been waiting for… I'll just keep waiting".

    The fact that as of midnight right now, nothing more has sold out than what I originally posted, seems to indicate we were not alone in this thought.

  • Fengschwing says:

    Got Swamp-Thing, at £28 all in (shipping too) that's still pretty cheap by UK standards, and he took 28 minutes to buy.
    Still considering a Infinite Earths Sub, but the Poison Ivy ransom note they delivered this morning has really put me off.

  • Paul Nomad says:

    Magic trick! as soon as you added something to your cart, if you chose to go back to shopping, it wouldn't take you back to the sdcc exclusives page but to a page with tons of awesome stuff. I didn't know about the allstars sale so I thought i was christmas..but still only bought a parademons pack. I'm always tempted to buy walter peck but 20 just to get the containment unit is ridiculous.

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