We’re gathered here to day to remember, the Mattel ran website which started in 2008 as an exclusive home to Masters of the Universe Classics. Yes, Mattel is finally ending this 8 year experiment. I remember being excited for the launch of this new website, which at the time I suspected would compete with as a sort of “go-to” for collector items of 80’s nostalgia brands. As it turns out, neither really functioned as such after long, but in 2008 it seemed to be the dawning of a new era. Unfortunately it didn’t take long for Mattel to run into issues with as the launch sale went with a few hiccups, but by the time it was into “regular” operation, it was wrought with issues. Originally fans chalked it up to growing pains, as it seemed Mattel wasn’t putting a lot of resources to the site and eventually they’d get it together.

But what started out as “growing pains” became par for the course year after year and sometimes become “strategy” as Mattel ran what was arguably, the worst e-commerce website on the internet (not named and soon became a place of frustration, where good ideas went to die. That’s not to say Mattel didn’t have some success on there, but the mishandling could fill several blog posts. Heck, if one chronicled every mistake that was made, you could probably write a few books. Digital River, the e-commerce hosts were ridiculously incompetent and notorious for gouging fans on a variety of things. Yet, the MOTUC brand was strong enough to survive it all. At least until all the core vintage line was made, then people stopped caring.

Matty tried to launch other exclusives on the site, but with no other brand really strong enough to withstand the utter disaster that was MattyCollector, they all failed to various degrees. Even ThunderCats, which seemed like a huge “get” just over a year ago, seems to have deflated on the site. While no word has come out about the fate of the Cats for now, one imagines that the writing may be on the wall. As for MOTU? Mattel has found a partner in Super7, willing to take over the line and do the heavy lifting. Super7 will no doubt run their own website much better than “Matty” ever did their version. Still, it is a sad state of affairs that such a good concept was so poorly mismanaged by corporate greed and idiocy.

So long MattyCollector, it’s been… Well, unique.


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