MattyCollector and Mattel, gotta love them. They announced a week ago that today at some art show they would be revealing a BRAND NEW MOTUC figure! They spent a week hyping this. Now today, they announce they can’t reveal the figure because of legal issues. Seriously? Oh Mattel, your ineptitude never cease to amaze me. Why announce something without checking to see if you could show it off first? When will you learn?!

But in more amusing news, Mattel is going to debut FAN FORUMS on MattyCollector soon. That should go over well. I’m sure it’ll cut into AFI’s traffic. I don’t blame Mattel for trying to do this, since their Facebook page has become a hub for activity. I wonder if they’ll let non biased reviews of their products in? I guess we’ll see.

Then again, if the forums get set up as fast as their toy archive did (It’s still not up)… It could be 2015 before this matters.

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  • Lt_Clutch says:

    I checked AFI and the figure looks to be Optikk from the New Adventures line. Granted, a museum setting seems like a better place to hype something like their limited edition art book than upcoming action figures.

    The message board idea is just Mattel asking for more trouble. I hope they have a nice obscenity filter in place 'cause they're sure gonna need it. And if they ask Digital River to help them manage the boards expect it to be down within a matter of days…

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