Yesterday was another day of panic, chaos and hyperbole over at for the monthly MOTUC release. This month they added deluxe figure Tytus to the mix in addition to the monthly figure, Optikk, and as usual, he sold out in minutes causing a ruckus. I skipped Tytus, but I did visit the site yesterday and noticed one small change. Prior to now, when you had a figure in your cart you assumed that he was yours to purchase.

There have been many horror stories though, which offer contrary results. Often when people get to the checkout screen, they find that the item is sold out. This has led some people to actually miss out on another item, because the original item they tried to get caused them to have to edit their cart. Mattel finally updated their site because of this problem.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this one, but do I like that Mattel addressed the issue. I think most people were hoping for something that “locked” the items into your cart once they were there, but anyone who’s dealt with that sort of system before can attest to the fact that it is sort of a hassle. Still, I find it slightly amusing that Mattel’s answers to all those complaints about this very problem, is to simply post the online equivalent of a “No Lifeguard on Duty” sign.

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  • tarman13 says:

    Mattel enjoys nothing more then to scandel the customers with their products…. sure it's bad enough that we, the Collectors. have to put up with the scarcity of the Figure(s). in the Stores, the Overprice and the bad services from their Website. even worst the problem seem to NEVER GO AWAY or be corrected. Many Fans from various website stop collecting the DC Universe Classics and the Master of the Universe Classics because of all this.

    I'm sorry that the best thing Mattel has ever done in it's miserable life has to come down to the CRAPPY services. maybe the should change the name to CRAPPYSERVICESTOTHECOLLECTORS.COM instead of because that's what i think of them.

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    Next time, I'm going to sign in before anything else and hope for the best. I need Keldor and a second attempt at Faker since I missed out last time around. But with Lobo and the DCUC set also in the running I'm dreading that June will go down as one of the worst Matty ordering months yet.

  • I think June could be a nightmare.

  • Haha, tell us how you really feel!

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