Mattel’s Max Steel movie is moving forward and may have it’s star cast. Taylor Lautner (of Twilight fame) is being considered by Paramount for the Max Steel movie. Lautner would play the role of Josh McGrath, an extreme-sports athlete who is inadvertently exposed to nanobots. He certainly looks the part.

In Max Steel, the nanobots give him super strength and speed, along with the ability to change his appearance. Max Steel is a modern Mattel property that largely failed in the United States but achieved some level of success in other markets. Mattel may be looking to relaunch the brand here in the states as a result of the forthcoming major motion picture.

For those who are into this sort of thing, Max Steel is actually supposed to be a relative of 70’s Mattel property “Big Jim”. Jim was the popular boy version of Barbie in the 70’s known for his flexing biceps and hokey camping accessories. No word on if Mattel will play up the Jim aspect in the film.

Personally I think if Mattel does go forward with this idea, they should add in Big Jim, relaunch the toyline with Steel, Jim and several others and try to create some mythology around their property. Time will tell if any of that comes to fruition though. Remember Max Steel? Big Jim?

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