I doubt the kind folks at Mattel will ever send me freebies or give me good press, but it won’t be because I’m deliberately mean to them. The fact is, the company does things that constantly should be chastised. What’s Mattel’s blunders this week?

For starters the highly anticipated (At least to me) DCUC two pack of Superman & Brainiac has started shipping. The bad news? The Brainiac is shipping with over half of the figures having two different colors on his torso. Dark chest, bright pink arms or vice versa.

Given that Brainiac is the only reason to get this set and you have no clue whether you’ll recieve a proper Brainy or not, I’m going to have to pass.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Mattel is world reknown for their shoddy QC. Just see my column, Here if you don’t believe me. What they did next is even more heinous.

They’re putting together an awesome Masters of the Universe art book. Compiled with tons of the classic MOTU art. That’s great, I want it… But it’s only going to be available to those at SDCC. Oh and it’s limited to 1,000 copies. Presumably if Mattel’s Facebook is to be believed, to never be made again.

Why make a book that only 1,000 people can own? It just seems like a bad idea. Sure I guess the argument could be made better that someone has it than no one, but it comes across as Mattel dropping the ball. MOTU has a huge fan base numbering in the millions and tons of international fans as well. Now they’ll be left out in the cold unless they are very lucky or have lots of cash.

Oh Mattel…

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