I love you Mattel, I really do, but this email I just received to remind me of tomorrow’s on sale items for the big MattyCollector sale is a joke. Let’s count the ways this is instant epic fail, shall we?

Look at Buzz-Off. Nothing wrong there, he looks quite cool. Oh and hey here’s an ad for the new Superman and re-release of the 12 inch General Zod. The Superman is in fact a picture of a DCIH Superman figure. Seriously… Not only does Mattel have promo pictures of their 12 inch Superman… But of all the stand-in potential figures you could have used, they chose DC Infinite Heroes Superman?

Let me remind you that I received this email, TODAY at 5 PM. Less than 24 hours before the sale. If they’re just now sending this out, why not update the pictures included?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, look at their ad for the new JLU 2 pack. Darkseid is the old JLU Darkseid, not the one that’s coming out. And Kalibak? It’s the freaking DCUC Kalibak figure!

This ad is an embarrassment and whoever sent out this drek should be fired. Why can’t the largest toy manufacturer in the world at least TRY when they send out advertisements. Not only is this false advertising (as these versions of the figures aren’t for sale) but it’s also just poorly done. If they didn’t have photos of the figures in time, don’t include photos at all!

The fact that preview photos of all of these figures have been up for at least a week on that very site, but they still sent these horrible ads along, just goes to show that Mattel really doesn’t care what they’re emailing out to people.

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