Here’s something new coming down the pike from Mattel and WWE. It’s a two pack based on the upcoming WWE All Stars video game. That game is based on the concept of the legends of all time in WWF/WWE doing battle with the stars of today. It’s a neat idea and the game looks kind of good (but very arcade like) and I may end up buying it. More importantly, though, is that it’s giving Mattel a chance to pump out more Randy Savage figures.

This is mostly a repaint of the upcoming Legends Savage figure, but it’s definitely another pair of Macho Man’s famous tights. The knee pads are still terrible, but that’s been par for the course. I have no use for the Morrison, but I hope that Mattel explores doing more of these packs. My only fear is price. Both of these figures are elite and it also includes a game code. I’m fearing this one may tread $40 territory.

In a perfect world we’d get a Warrior and a Hogan to go with this. We know the Hogan isn’t happening, but Warrior and other WWE Legends could be possible. We’ll have to wait and see.

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