It’s no secret that 2012 has not started off with a bang for Masters of the Universe Classics. The last figures from 2011 had a massive delay and then as a result the lineup was shuffled around putting the controversial Star Sisters into the first official figure slot for 2012. Unfortunately things don’t appear to be getting any better, as Mattel has announced that MOTUC vehicles are essentially, off the table.

It started a month ago, when in Matty Q&As, Mattel responded that the Wind Raider only did “okay” for them. This outraged many fans who could not comprehend how an item that sold out in 3 days was deemed a failure, more or less. Soon Scott Neitlich stepped in as the Toy Guru and during his unofficial “State of the MOTUC Address” seemed to downplay this idea that the Wind Raider didn’t do good for them. Scott basically passed it off as fanboys being fanboys and looking too much into this. Yes Mattel would have liked to seen the Wind Raider sell faster, but the sales of the Wind Raider were not a big enough issue to cancel future vehicles. It’s just that 2012 didn’t have any vehicles on the agenda because Granamyr which in itself is a massive undertaking, was already on the schedule.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and hung onto hope that the Battle Ram was on it’s way and speculation once again began on whether Mattel really saw the Wind Raider’s 3 day sell out as “weak” or not. Some, rightfully so, have clung to the theory that the Wind Raider didn’t sell out at all and was simply pulled down. A tactic that Mattel has repeatedly used to apparently confuse customers and anger it’s fanbase, as well as cost itself potential sales. Mattel remains mum on that issue entirely, as what happens in the house of Barbie stays in the house of Barbie.

However a little less publicized story is that in the recent Matty Q&As, the sales of the Wind Raider were discussed again, with more puzzling answers. First Mattel chimed in with, this comment:

The Windraider actually only performed “okay” for us and therefore we have no plans for more vehicles in the near future.There is just too much tooling involved that is a one time use.

This is sort of alarming on it’s own, because this is the first time we’ve heard Mattel blame the amount of tooling involved with why future vehicles may not be coming. However, the language is somewhat similar to what we’ve heard before and perhaps Toy Guru was right in saying that this is only fans looking too much into something that’s not there. At least until Mattel tried to sneak this one by:

The Windraider only performed “okay” which makes it doubtful we would tackle another vehicle in the near future. Maybe in a movie year if the line goes wider.

Here we have this “Wind Raider” only did OKAY nonsense again. Since when is a sellout not a sellout? Presumably when it’s a MattyCollector sellout. The real head scratcher is the concept of vehicles being exclusive to “movie years”. Since when? Wait, there’s a new Masters of the Universe movie? We’re waiting on a movie to determine whether online exclusives can be made? Thank goodness the Star Sisters didn’t need a movie!

This is the type of answer we expect from questions about Batman, not He-Man. We’ve long heard stories of a MOTU movie, but the chances of that actually happening anytime soon seem dubious at best. We’re at least 2 years or so away from that happening and even if a movie was imminent, that would no doubt result in some sort of retail line. It would be largely irrelevant to the status of what’s going on at MattyCollector. So is Mattel basically saying that vehicles are not coming? Enjoy your Wind Raiders folks… I guess.

Why? What changed? Why did they even bother to tease us with vehicles if they had no intention of actually doing them? Did the Wind Raider really sell bad? Are there stockpiles of unsold Wind Raiders? If so, why didn’t Mattel keep them up longer? What caused this change of direction for the line?

Something happened. Vehicles were at the end of 2011, seemingly something that we would see moving forward. Perhaps even one a year, starting in 2013. This is what fans were led to believe would happen if the Wind Raider sold out. Now we’re told to wait for a movie. What gives?

10 Responses to Mattel Says NO MORE MOTUC Vehicles

  • The Blot says:

    I really, really don't get Mattel. Why do they continue to alienate their diehard fan bases? Most companies would kill for devoted collectors like the ones Mattel has had with their MOTU, JLU, DCUC and Ghostbusters toy lines, but its like they wish they weren't making these toys at all.

    I also don't get these fake "sold out" declarations seems to be making all the time. Almost every JLU 4 pack has come back in stock at least once around the time Matty has a sale. You know they didn't make more…why pull them off the site like that? Clearly they're trying to artificially create demand. There is clearly a lack of leadership in that section of the company.

  • wesitron says:

    It's a real bummer. I didn't have the cash for a Wind Raider at the time, but I have no doubt that it'll be released a few more times just like Battlecat and Panthor. My question since day one had been Mattycollector's insinuations that the fan demand isn't there when product, EVERY product, sells out in usually less than a month. If the product is no longer available because so many people wanted it and bought all the on-hand stock, how is that not a win for Mattel?

    Y'know 3 days is pretty damned good. Most stuff on there goes up on a Monday or Tuesday, and some people have to wait until Thursday, Friday, or even Saturday to get paid. We don't all have an extra 50 bucks lyin' around for toys, sometimes we have to budget ourselves.

    I have to wonder if Mattel has anyone who approves these answers before they send them out or if they're just so successful detached from the fanbase they no longer understand the concept of how money works.

    I think it'd help if they weren't so damned secretive about how many units they produced and how many they moved. It's like they want to keep downplaying the success so we'll always want to spend money to support a line that isn't failing in the least.

  • Zach S. says:

    If I could live without He-Man figures and WWE Legends (which I undoubtedly can, but I'm convinced I don't want to), then Mattel wouldn't get a DIME of my money. They are huge A-Holes to their consumers, with this super-condescending, "blame everyone but ourselves" attitude…they talk down to us, play around with us, and just generally don't give a crap about us. Understandably, the collector lines are such an insignificant portion of their business, and probably offer little profit (if any…but that's a result of their idiotic mishandling of every collector/boys line they have)…so in that regard it's almost like more of a favor to us that they're even being produced. But Mattel should either discontinue these lines (instead of constantly bitching about them underselling/being too hard and expensive to produce) or shut the hell up and respect us for throwing our money at them (especially in a time where we really shouldn't be spending so much money on toys).

    I don't know what's worse…how they treat us or how we let them get away with it?

  • Yeah well it's hard to not support Mattel if you signed up for the sub, sadly. I'm not sure what can be done honestly, short of just not buying the products. The truth is, most consumers want to help Mattel make better toys (and decisions) but they seem uninterested.

    Then again, with the exception of a few people, the boys brand seems to be filled with folks who have absolutely zero knowledge of toys, comics, etc. Always scary when that happens.

  • Three days is good. I don't know how it's not. I'm more curious why the sudden change of attitude. I feel as though something happened internally where MOTUC got some attention that it wasn't before. Then some bigwig came down on the line and said "stop spending so much money" or something.

  • oansun says:

    Yea dude, that's exactly what I think happened. Someone was looking at books and wanted to impress the bosses with how much money they can save the company. There has to be a point when the biggest toy company in the world decides they don;t care about consumers enough to mix their QC problems, and then just yell at us that they are fixed in the future, so it's a dead issue. Even with my broken Goddess that I can only get a refund. HAve they never heard of coupons or gift certificates? Maybe I want the Goddess, but a $10 off shipping isn't so out of the damn question.

  • oansun says:

    So the real issue here is: did we do this to ourselves? They want us to believe that. But I don't. I know they have their internal numbers and blah blah, but why try and go one on one with collectors and then treat us like assholes. You know what you're getting into when you read comments. If you act hateful because you've been flamed, who's really at fault? I just think they didn't want to do vehicles at all, and wanted to see if demand was BEYOND LIMITS for them. They were just on par with the rest of the series probably. So instead blaming us, find a way to make it cheaper. A 3 day sellout is good, sorry, but many concerts don't sell out in that time, at lower prices. So if you want to be a dickhead company, and you want to keep us by a thread, then do so. But don't tell us it's OUR fault. It's not someones fault that you put out a nearly $50 dollar item that will NOT be bought as a gift, but for the same consumer, in DECEMBER. Wake up. You can't get mad when you get FREE ADVERTISEMENT on every website on the internet by vaguely answering 5 questions once in a while for a toy that not "enough" people could afford IN DECEMBER or maybe even wanted. No vehicles? Fine, we'll get mad and find another problem to latch onto, but don't treat us like we did this to ourselves. I think that's why we are all getting angry about this.

  • I am zee German says:

    The wind-raider performing only "okay" is NOT in any way related to it's selling out fast or slow, but to the rate of returns due to broken or incomplete units – therewith f#ing up profits for Mattel. That's the reason.

    If y'all would have kept your broken toys and not wanted to exchange it or receive a refund it would have been a success…. Trust me on this!

  • wesitron says:

    I don't think success can be measured by how willing paying customers are to keep broken products just to support a line that's already overpriced and rising in cost already. Mattel really needs to focus on QC if they want to retain the current fanbase because there's a lot of people out there just waiting for one last reason to jump off their gravy train and Mattel's doin its best to find new reasons every month.

  • oansun says:

    This is a joke response right? I'm taking it at that and laughing at it, but it's not obvious enough to KNOW, so fingers crossed that it's a joke. But the y'all is a great indicator. The internet is a crazy place, which is cause for my apprehension.

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