1. We know you’re going to be asked this by many other sites, but we want to make sure that we meet our “fan demand” quota here… Will you be considering releasing the Mini-Masters figures previewed at SDCC 2011? We really want them, especially because of their articulation. In fact we’d love to see v-crotch cut joints added to the legs. Don’t you think Mini-Masters would be a great place to perhaps do a small scale Castle Greyskull or other playsets that are likely impossible for the larger MOTUC line? Basically, we want Mini-Masters! We’re crazy for Mini-Masters! We gotta catch em’ all! Let us give you our money for them!

We are still reviewing possible execution for the Mini Masters. We know fans like em! To manage expectations, do not expect them any earlier than 2013.

2. On the recent Young Justice smaller scale figures, the right hand on many of the figures is sculpted open to hold accessories. However, the right hand is turned upside down, like you would hold a barbell if you were working out. This seems like an odd choice as opposed to the standard way an open gripping hand is displayed. Is there any chance this will be updated on future waves so that these figures can hold weapons more traditionally?

Yes, this is already being updated on future figures for a better grip on weapons.

3. Is the articulation hindered in the Voltron lions by the “spring action” legs? It seems as though those lions only have basic movement as a result. Do the springs interfere with the articulation at all?

The auto-transformation feature does not fully inhibit the articulation of the Lions legs. Each lion still has a large range of poseability in the legs and can securely hold multiple poses, and can even stretch out to their iconic flying poses. The legs are also manually poseable.

4. On the recent MattyCollector poll for the DCUC figure, Black Lantern Swamp Thing was mentioned as a possible choice. Assuming you guys ever decided to make this character, would he be made of rubber like the SDCC Swamp Thing and essentially be a “repaint” for lack of a better word or would be actually full sculpted poseable figure as highly requested by fans?

If we proceeded with Black Lantern Swamp Thing, he would not just be a repaint. Additional decisions would be made closer to production, but for now we can say that he would not just be a repaint.

5. In the WWE line, we’ve seen the Elimination Chamber previewed since Toy Fair and again at SDCC… But no release date that I know of. Can you tell us if this playset is an exclusive and if not when and where we can purchase it? It looks awesome!

The Elimination Chamber is a Toys “R” Us exclusive for Fall 2011 so it should start showing up on their shelves in the next few weeks if not sooner. And we agree, it is quite awesome!

Notes: Pretty good set of answers this time around. I am particularly curious about the Black Lantern Swamp Thing. I wonder if this means a fully sculpted (non-rubber) Swampy is in the cards? I doubt it, but interesting none the less. If you have any questions for Mattel, leave a comment below!

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