The Mattel Q&A didn’t hit until I wasn’t around yesterday, so here it is today. Hopefully I got the questions for the 15th in time, but we’ll see. As always if you have a question you can email me or leave a comment below. The edition’s questions come from email readers.

Infinite Hollywood Reader JB asks: I recently traveled to a new Target and saw a DCIH peg there. It was stocked and had pretty recent figures on it. None of my other Targets carry this line or haven’t ever even made it to the DC 75th packaging. Are more waves of DCIH planned and can we expect it to show up in more retailers, or is the line being put on some sort of hiatus?

We don’t have additional waves of IH sets for 2010 beyond what has been announced, but we do have big plans for the 3 ¾ scale line in 2011. Just hang on to your power rings!

Not to interject too much here and cause speculation, but I suspect this means a relaunch of sorts for the DCIH line. Which personally, I think would be a great idea. DCIH was always in flux and failed on a few things right out of the gate. Cooling off for a year or so and getting a superior line out to the market would make solid business sense. – Newt

Infinite Hollywood Reader Chipper asks: So MOTU fans want to know if you hear our plea… Where is Ram Man? He’s considered a pretty major part of the Masters of the Universe and figured into both the cartoon and toy lines. We know you can’t give us specifics, but is the Rammer even in the potential lineup for the upcoming year? Ram Man can kick Bow’s butt any day of the week!

Ram Man is a key character, of course. We have the MOTUC line planned out through 2016 with key characters spread out to ensure each year has a fair share of key characters and that we do not run out too quickly. Ram Man is coming eventually, just not next month.

Infinite Hollywood Reader Leroy Ovalt asks: What’s the one MOTU character that for whatever reason can’t be made in MOTUC that the designers or you would like to see made? I’d assume it’s something from the Filmation designs.

We can’t comment on Filmation specifics, but there are a lot of characters in their library we would love to weave into the shadows of out line.

I assume the last line was a typo and should say “our line” not out line. I left it as is, but I don’t believe there is a “out line” but it’s worth nothing. – Newt

Infinite Hollywood Reader Big Red asks: Does Mattel have the rights to make some of the bootleg He-Man designs that came out through the years? As an example, you guys made Wun-Dar… Could we possibly see some Fuerza-T style designs? If that’s not in the cards now, could you possibly try to gage some fan support for said figures? I think some people would prefer some of those cool designs over lame POP characters.

We have looked at these bootleg MOTU figures and it is possible we could issue our toys in those colors. Right now we want to concentrate on the real toys with our limited slots and redeco allocation. Who knows what the future will bring.

DC Retro-Action figures play up a lot of nostalgia. Are there any plans to possibly recreate some nostalgic vehicles to go along with them? Tooling these vehicles wouldn’t be as costly as some of the other DC lines because the old Mego vehicles were usually pretty simple in design. Has this been given any consideration?

We would love to get to vehicles for the Retro figures if there is enough fan and retailer support!

Pretty good set of answers this time. Remember to leave a comment if you got a question or drop us a line. Thanks again to the Mattel crew for taking the time to answer our queries!

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