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Mattel was on holiday for Rosh Hashanah this week (no joke) so we just got in our Q&A answers. Was Matty in a particularly festive mood as a result?

1. It’s been mentioned before that the success of MOTUC sort of caused the road map to be padded out a little bit, but then the road map was adjusted again due to the slow sales on the most recent subscriptions. Is the new road map closer to the original one before the success of the line or is it a whole new list entirely?

There was only ever one road map. It was always intended to deliver the most diverse line up. We added or subtracted or made edits as demand changed over the years (like when we added “beasts/oversized” slots) but there was only ever one road map. Now that prices have gone up beyond what some fans will pay, we are tossing it out in favor of cranking out as many fan requests as possible based on how many slots we get from management.

Editor’s Note: I like how there’s an effort here to correct what I said and then it’s followed up by repeating exactly what I said and what he just said wasn’t true. If you’re adding or subtracting to the original road map, it becomes a new road map, doesn’t it? And if you toss out that road map in favor of a new list of characters, isn’t that sort of like… A new road map?

Semantics aside, I’m really starting to get the feeling that Scott’s already been told that MOTUC is getting few if any SKUs for 2014. He’s just tossing that around too liberally without any real reason to. Definitely makes it feel like the “subscribe to 2013 for a great 2014” thing, was a bit of a rouse… But I digress.

2. We’ve seen a variety of weapons packs through the life of MOTUC, is it possible that we might see some bigger items in future ones. Such as a new harness for Gygor or Battle-Cat?

Always possible but nothing is planned right now.

3. One of the things that’s been mentioned before is that MOTUC has almost no advertising budget and stuff like that. As the line begins to struggle, is this something that could be worked on? Obviously it couldn’t do much this year, but a few well placed ads in some comics or something, might help for next year.

It would be nice, but right now we are putting all of our resources into the figures. We’d rather keep more accessories and paint ops with the figures vs take out print ads which studies have shown do not draw as many customers as samples sent out to sites… It is less expensive for us and gets more eyeballs on the product. Everyone wins!

Editor’s Note: Did Mattel do studies to see if their print ads were attracting more buyers versus their sample reviews? If so wouldn’t that money have been better served for other advertising? All kidding aside…

How about sending some sample reviews to some new sites? You know, like Infinite Hollywood? It’d be different than sending to the same guys who always give the same glowing reviews for any and every product. That way it wouldn’t seem so much like you have certain reviewers more or less “on the payroll”.

4. We’re seeing a lot of great figures in the new Batman DC line. Has retailer response been good for these figures and do you think it will help provide a strong base for DC at retail?

Yes, the reception has been phenomenal. Now, we’re hoping that what everyone thinks proves out in 2013.

5. A long time ago, a history of Mattel toys was mentioned as being in the works on MattyCollector. We know the offices of Mattel have some cool items (we sometimes see rare pieces in Scott’s video backgrounds) but there hasn’t been any mention of this in ages. Obviously resources are scarce, but we are seeing more stuff on the Matty website such as JR’s corner and the development logs. Is this something that’s still a possibility? It seems like educating fans about Matt Mason, Big Jim, MUSCLE or some of the other brands of Mattel through the years might spark interest in a revival of them.

This is something we want to get to. But our first priority is getting the “my sub” page up and running and continuing to improve customer service.

Editor’s Note: Heh, I been bugging them about this since 2008 if you’re keeping score at home.

Pretty solid set of answers this go around. Apologies for so much editorial commentary this go around, but sometimes there needs to be more said here. Remember as always, if you have questions you’d like submitted to Mattel, email me or reply here with a question and I’ll try to get it asked.

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