1. With more and more MOTUC items being announced each year, is the collect and connect option for certain characters being reconsidered? It seems like this might be a good way to get in complicated characters like Modulok.

We won’t be exploring a C&C strategy for MOTU as we already have a large scale beast/multipack slot in the line. This slot could potentially be used for a characters like Multi Bot or Modulok that have a larger piece count.

2. Are there plans to release any future figures for the Voltron classics line in the 7 inch scale? Perhaps someone for the SDCC exclusive to fight?

We don’t have any announcements right now regarding new classic Voltron figures, but we are excited for the line to launch in 2012!

3. With the Legends line becoming online exclusive, does this make the likelihood of getting variant costumes of previously released figures less? It seems like iconic versions of say British Bulldog with dreadlocks and long pants, would be great. Could there be other avenues for these to be released or would they just not likely be possible?

It’s definitely possible. Remember that while the specific Legends line will be exclusive to MattyCollector.com in 2012, Legends characters will also be popping up in our other lines as well. For example, we’re going to start including them in our basic figure PPV Heritage Series (check out New York Comic-Con for your first look at the Royal Rumble Heritage Series) as well as in our Elite Series as “Flashbacks.” We’re definitely planning on releasing variant versions of previously released Legends but that needs to be balanced with releasing the characters that have yet to be made by Mattel. Also, we did include alternate versions of a few Legends in our Matty poll that we had previously released (such as Jimmy Snuka and Ted Dibiase) but the fans overwhelmingly chose Legends that have yet to become a Mattel figure. So it’s always a balancing act. We can say that just because we’ve released a particular Legend it does NOT mean we won’t release him again in a new deco.

4. While obviously you can’t give specific numbers, can you let us know if the current Batman Legacy single figures are doing well? It seems like this could be a line that could have a lot of legs at retail. Particularly as it relates to classic Batman villains and characters.

Don’t worry! We’ve got plans for another wave, but you’ll have to be patient for when it’ll come out.

5. It was said that obtaining the Filmation rights changed the SDCC exclusive for MOTUC. Will we see the planned exclusive in a regular release slot this year and has the Filmation rights changed the lineup in other ways?

There will be a third wave, but not for a little while. This fall, there are 6 Singles (7 if you include the K-Mart Batmite exclusive) and 4 Legacy 2-Packs.

Note: I have no idea what to make of that last answer… Clearly it’s about Batman and not MOTU. Mattel just switched over their format for these Q&As requiring an Excel spreadsheet and I can only assume they botched the answer delivery. Interestingly, this appears to be answering the 4th question, but you’ll note it’s actually a slightly different version of the same answer. Maybe some other Q&A got my MOTU answer by mistake?

That’s it for this time. If you have any questions for Mattel, leave a comment below!

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