Has Mattel given any thought of retooling the old Giant Elementor from the Max Steel line as a possible giant monster of sorts for the MOTUC line? It’s a 26 inch tall beast that would look great against many MOTU characters.

At this time we are not planning to include any non-MOTU items in the MOTUC line, but you never know what the future will bring!

This is the figure I was talking about. Never released here in the states, but released internationally under Max Steel, he would make Tytus crap his pants. Tell me this wouldn’t make a killer MOTUC beast! – Newt

The Retro-Action line has been a hit with fans but many are concerned that there suggestions for improvements aren’t being heard. If superior bodies aren’t coming, will accessories at least be considered?

Many of the figures do come with accessories. Green Lantern, Lex Luthor and Aquaman all come with accessories!

In the upcoming re-release of the Joker, why was black chosen as his outfit instead of a more “colorful” attire? Many fans who weren’t able to get the Joker the first time around were hoping to get him in his basic purple suit or at least a similar redeco.

The purple outfit will be available at mass, the black redeco is available only at Toys “R” Us.

On the subject of recos, any chance for a Super Powers inspired deco for a DCUC re-release Penguin?

Definitely something we are looking into, but nothing to announce yet.

We’re seeing more flocking in the MOTUC line now with King Grayskull, so does that mean other characters could potentially have flocked accessories, clothes, boots, etc?

The door is always open, but nothing to announce yet!

Nothing much learned this time, but remember to leave a comment if you got a question. If you have something that you’re dying to know, we’ll ask it. Thanks again to the Mattel crew for taking the time to answer our queries!

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