Halloween is just around the corner and this is our only Mattel Q&A for the month due to NYCC. Which is going to make all those Halloween themed questions I asked for the 30th seem really odd next month… But I digress. What has Monster Matty got in store for us this time around?

1. The Infinite Earths line has made it to MattyCollector, albeit with a slight price jump on sale day for non-subscribers. This was because they only reached 60% or so of the required subs. I’m guessing this year will bring in more subscribers as long as everything goes to plan. So if you hit 100% of your expected subs next year, will the price for sale day figures drop back to the original intended price or is this going to be a penalty for anyone who doesn’t go all in year on year?

We have not yet started making plans for any 2013 subscription programs. At this point we are working on the exciting line up for the 2012 subscription plan! The 2012 subscription has been re-opened to allow fans one last chance to sign up. If you haven’t already secured your subscription for 2012, you have until October 3 to do so on Mattycollector.com.

2. With the Infinite Earths line being 100% collector-oriented, are we safe to expect the return of ankle rockers? I know the 2-ups always look better than the production figures, but will that small but important piece of articulation be returned since it’s present on your other Mattycollector collector lines?

We want all of our DC Universe 6″ figures to be high quality. We have not yet finalized the product for the 2012 DC Universe Infinite Earths subscription, but we will be paying attention to the details that we know make a difference in the figures.

3. DC Universe at retail has had its ups and down at retail as far as Quality Control goes. Expecting Starman to look as good as the proto is fairly unrealistic due to the heavy amount of paint application it would require, but will we see an improvement on things like paint and plastic quality in this now adults-only collector line?

We know that collectors care about details and we will continue to strive to create high quality figures both at retail and on Mattycollector.com.

4. K-Mart has proven to be quite the friend to Mattel in recent years. We know that Toys R Us is done with MOTU exclusives for now, but has Mattel shopped around the idea of exclusives to other retailers, such as K-Mart?

No, at this time all MOTU items will be on Mattycollector.com. There are no plans to bring this line to Kmart at this time.

5. In the recent WWE Legends poll on MattyCollector, it is presumed that most everyone on the list will be made, even if they didn’t win the poll. However, if a particular wrestler didn’t have a high vote count, will they be passed over for a future legend? Some of these guys would probably sell better than their vote count might indicate.

The recent Legends poll on MattyCollector only dictated the Legends line for 2012. Beyond that it’s an open book – if the line is successful we would love to do another poll for the 2013 line where you’d have another chance to vote for your favorites.

Note: Monster Matty strikes again! Should the town villagers go after him with pitchforks and torches or is he safe for now?!

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