Even Matty Mattel is getting into the 31 Days of Halloween spirit!

When MattyCollector was first launched, there was talk of doing a archive of sorts about all the classic toys Mattel has released through the years. I believe, at some point there was some legal issues (?) that prevented some of that from continuing. That said, is this ever going to be on the Matty website in some form or another? It seems like reminding fans of some of the classic Mattel brands and toys might be a good way to gage interest in potential new exclusive lines.

This is something we are working hard on. Right now, a lot of our resources are going toward keeping the sales running as smooth as possible. Once this is set we can dedicate more resources to product archives.

Brave & The Bold, are there still new things planned for this line? Outside of the awesome Bat-bot toy, there hasn’t been much new seen at retail for a while.

We do have plans to keep Brave and the Bold going strong. We’ll have more to announce regarding the 2011 line in the coming months once we gage retailer interest.

In Wave 2 of Retro-Action we saw a RC or removable cowl Batman, in tribute to the popular RC Batman from the old Mego line. Will we at any point see a non-RC Batman? Some folks prefer that design.

Not at this time. Right now, there is only one version of Batman planned but you never know what the future will bring!

In the WWE line, I noticed that there seems to be two releases of WWE Legends. One, branded WWE Legends and another with just Hall of Famers, branded Hall of Fame. Thus far these have only been spotted at K-Mart, but that could just be coincidence. Is that an exclusive line and will it see it’s own exclusive releases or is it just a rebranded repack subset?

The Hall of Fame line premiered at Kmart but will be available at other retailers soon.

In the MOTUC line, Orko was said to have been hard to release because of his size versus the price point and value. You guys found a great way to get Orko out with a great “accessory”, but does this mean no other Trollan can be unleashed, or is a say, Trollan or small character multipack possible as well?

The nice thing about MOTUC is it is not a retail line so we can change things up based on price point and package size. We are not restricted to one “footprint” as we are with a retail line. If we wanted to do more Trollans we could easily find a way with unique price points or structures!

There you have it Matty’s answers for the first of October. Did it trick you or treat you? If you’ve got a question to ask ol’ Matty Mattel, drop us an email or leave a comment below. He’ll do his best to give you the answers.

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